The Nurse Becoming Podcast 

#091 Celebrating the Women of Nurse Becoming

In case you didn’t know, today, Tuesday, March 8th, 2022 is International Women’s Day.

IWD is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women’s equality. 

Originally I wanted to mark this day on The Nurse Becoming Podcast by featuring all the women we’ve had on the show…

… Then I realized that, in the past 90 episodes, we’ve featured more than 30 women interviews!!

That’s pretty awesome, in my opinion; So many extraordinary, powerful, radiant, game-changing women to acknowledge and celebrate!

In today’s episode, I’ve picked out the most impactful and popular women interview episodes so that you can go back, listen, and soak up the valuable stories & teachings. 

Want to hear more? Check out our complete list of women interviews below!


Women Interview Episodes on The Nurse Becoming Podcast

  1. Ep. #006  How to be an Anti-Racist Nurse with Tiffany Gibson
  2. Ep. #007  How Travel Nursing Can Be a Stepping Stone in Your Career with Sarah Gaines
  3. Ep. #011  What Does New NP Mentorship Look Like? With Liz Rohr from Real World NP
  4. Ep. #012  Are We Letting Down New APRNs? With Ann Konkoly
  5. Ep. #013  Negotiate Your NP Contract Like a Boss with Monica Carter
  6. Ep. #015  Nursing From Home: The Future of Remote Nursing with The Remote Nurse
  7. Ep. #020  Lessons Learned after 100+ Interviews with Andrea Dalzell
  8. Ep. #022  Inspiring Nurses to Listen to Themselves with Cat Golden
  9. Ep. #023  Can a Nurse Become a Writer? With Portia Wofford
  10. Ep. #025  From Foster Care to PhD – Dr. Sharrica Miller
  11. Ep. #027  Bad Decisions with Katie Duke
  12. Ep. #031  Becoming an Indispensable NP with Ananya Datta
  13. Ep. #034  I Hate My NP Job…Now What? With Liz Rohr from Real World NP
  14. Ep. #037  Your Nurse Lawyer Answers Your Legal Questions with Irnise Williams
  15. Ep. #040  Doing Things Scared with Dr. Latrina Walden  
  16. Ep. #041  All About the DNP with Dr. Veronica Sampayo
  17. Ep. #043  Dr. Vanessa Kasper & I React to a Viral NP Video
  18. Ep. #048  Overcoming Board Exam Anxiety with Sarah Michelle, NP
  19. Ep. #049  How to Find Clinical Sites that Lead to Dream Jobs with Shelby Pope
  20. Ep. #050  Becoming Innovative Nurse Entrepreneurs with Lavender Co-Founders Pritma and Brighid
  21. Ep. #051  Becoming an Interview Pro with Dr. Ashlee Klevens Hayes
  22. Ep. #052  Becoming a Parent & NP with Nurse Liz
  23. Ep. #055  Becoming the Patient with Breast Cancer Survivor NP Courtney
  24. Ep. #064  Do Physicians Hate NPs? Feat. Jenna Lizewski, DNP
  25. Ep. #067  Burnout Round Table with Erica Dorn & Diana Page
  26. Ep. #068  Amanda’s Mom is here! Reflections on 43 years of nursing
  27. Ep. #069  NP Specialty Takeovers Podcast Series – Palliative Care with Janice Linton
  28. Ep. #071  Becoming a LGBTQ+ Ally with Shannon Whittington
  29. Ep. #073  NP Specialty Takeovers Series – Psychiatry with Tempesst Merricks
  30. Ep. #075  Get Your Charts Done On Time with Dr. Sarah Smith
  31. Ep. #078  NP Specialty Takeovers Series – Dermatology with Patricia Delgado
  32. Ep. #082  NP Specialty Takeovers Podcast Series – NNP with Tammi Boswell
  33. Ep. #085  Becoming a Health Coach After Nursing with Heather Brittain



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