The Nurse Becoming Podcast 

#015 Nursing From Home: The Future of Remote Nursing with The Remote Nurse

Do you have cabin fever yet? 

I think it’s safe to say that it was impossible to anticipate in March that 6 months later, we would still be sheltering at home, avoiding social gatherings, and becoming entirely too reliant on grocery pick-up, Zoom, and that 6 p.m. glass of pinot noir (or the half-pint of chocolate chip cookie dough).

But for some of us, working from home hasn’t yet lost its allure. When you can get dressed from the waist up, work from the sofa, and your coworker becomes the family dog, how could it? Now more than ever, professionals across all industries are becoming acquainted with the advantages of remote work. And when the world returns to “normal,” some folks aren’t going to want to let those advantages go. 

In today’s episode, Sadie of The Remote Nurse explains how we can hold onto those perks without giving up opportunities for growth and strong work relationships. We also rewind a bit to a pre-COVID world and talk about the initial rise of remote work. What was it that prompted so many nurses to look for remote alternatives? 


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