#034 I Hate My NP Job...Now What? With Liz Rohr from Real World NP - The Résumé Rx

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#034 I Hate My NP Job…Now What? With Liz Rohr from Real World NP

Unless any of you are fabulously wealthy, chances are having a job is necessary. But what happens if you have a steady job that, on paper, might look great, but in reality, it’s just…not? 

In episode 33, we talked about how to prevent hating your job on the front end, but today, I want to talk about what to do when you find yourself feeling stuck in a job you hate.

Liz Rohr of Real World NP and I talk about:

  1. How to identify systemic problems and bring solutions to management
  2. Acknowledging safety issues and asking for what you need to practice safely
  3. Checking in with yourself to see if you can change the way you view the work
  4. Developing “protective factors” to keep ourselves from burning out entirely



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