The Nurse Becoming Podcast 

#011 What Does New NP Mentorship Look Like? With Liz Rohr from Real World NP

Last week, we talked about imposter syndrome and feeling like a fraud at work. Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix, but I did share some strategies on how to combat that “not good enough” feeling. 

In this week’s episode, I’m joined by Liz Rohr, a family nurse practitioner and the woman behind Real World NP, a site and online community aimed at guiding new NPs through the early years of questioning their skills and doubting themselves. Liz talks about what she struggled with as a new NP (what she calls the “what did I get myself into?” feeling. Relatable!), and we talk about the importance of having someone to lean on. That’s what “big sisters” are for, right? 🙂 

Some things we cover: 

  • Why is mentorship and support important?
  • What can mentorship look like? (paid, unpaid, peer)
  • Biggest struggles you see in new NPs?
  • Why are we so afraid to ask questions? 
  • How can you take control of your situation?

If it doesn’t feel like there’s anyone in your life that you can lean on as a mentor while you navigate the professional world, consider things covered. I’ve got your back, and this entire community is ready to support you. So prepare yourself. We’ve got some growing to do together! 


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