The Nurse Becoming Podcast 

#049 How to Find Clinical Sites that Lead to Dream Jobs with Shelby Pope

A little while back, I received an email from a new-grad NP named Shelby Pope that caught my attention.

Shelby shared a great story about how she not only landed her dream clinical rotation, she was also able to transform that rotation into a JOB OFFER that was held for her for a year while she was getting ready to graduate!

Very impressive. 👏👏  

With so many NP students struggling to set up their own clinical rotations, how did she manage to achieve this?

In today’s impactful conversation, Shelby and I discuss:

  • Shelby’s personal story and nursing journey – We dive into her 7+ years registered nursing experience in neuro, ICU and ambulatory care and how her unique life circumstances influenced her decision to become an NP.
  • How Shelby approached her clinical rotations in an unconventional way that made the most of her education and also helped her secure a job.
  • What her first nursing job was like – and why it was far from picture perfect.
  • Shelby’s “long term vision approach” for how she was able to land clinical rotations that could lead to future opportunities (I FULLY endorse her approach!)
  • Advice to anyone in NP school who is struggling with having to set up their own clinical rotations.

Be sure to stay until the end, as Shelby was also generous to share some of her big lessons that she’s taking into her NP practice!


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