The Nurse Becoming Podcast 

#082 NP Specialty Takeovers Podcast Series – NNP with Tammi Boswell

Neonatal NP’s are advanced practice registered nurses (APRN) that help provide care to high-risk newborn infants who require postnatal care due to low birth weights, heart abnormalities, infections and other complications.

It’s not a specialty for the faint of heart, and understandably you may begin to wonder –

Is becoming an NNP the right nursing specialty for you?

If you have questions about how to become a neonatal np, what to expect or what skills you need to succeed, learn more about neonatal medicine from today’s NP Specialty guest, Tammi Boswell, MSN, NNP-BC.

In today’s NP Specialty Takeover episode, tune in to hear:

  • How to become an NNP – Tammi shares her 10 year+ journey in the NICU
  • A typical day in the life of an NNP – Responsibilities, what to look out for, and how Tammi organizes her schedule & number of patients
  • How stressful Neonatology can be and Why it’s so important to know how to do THIS well!
  • The best parts about providing care for babies
  • Valuable skills you should work on if you want to specialize in neonatology, and more!



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