The Nurse Becoming Podcast 

#085 Becoming a Health Coach After Nursing with Heather Brittain

Finding your purpose in life as a nurse is not so much about adding more passion & fulfillment to your life, and more about discovering your true alignment that is already alive within you!

If you are wondering how to find a sense of purpose in your life, or are curious about pursuing a new career path as a coach or nurse coach, my guest Heather Brittain is here to bring tremendous value on your next steps in life.

Heather Brittain is an experienced registered nurse, master certified holistic wellness coach, global meditation teacher, and owner and founder of Bare Root Health LLC – where her practice and philosophy is rooted deeply in an evidence-based mind/body approach.

In today’s episode, Heather & I spoke deeply about…

  • Heather’s story, nursing journey & how certain key life moments lined Heather up to pivot away from nursing.
  • What you can do if you aren’t feeling totally aligned with your purpose, professionally or personally.
  • Why “self awareness cannot be 100% self-driven” – Heather Brittain
  • What is holistic health coaching? And how to know if becoming a nurse coach or pursuing a coaching certification is right for you.
  • The trap of seeking validation (and what to do instead.)
  • Questions to journal & reflect on that will help you make decisions that feel better (and that get your closer to where you want to be!)

And truly so much more…



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