The Nurse Becoming Podcast 

#037 Your Nurse Lawyer Answers Your Legal Questions with Irnise Williams

Medicine or military? This was the question that Irnise Williams asked herself before getting accepted to Howard University College of Medicine at 17. 

After graduating, Irnise got her start at Hopkins in the OR and was surprised to witness the overlap between systemic oppression and healthcare. 

“It really opened my eyes…. That journey really made me realize I needed to be a bigger voice, a stronger voice to create change for patients.”

Inspired to improve and expand medical access to marginalized communities, Irnise chose to pursue her law degree with the intention of passionately serving up massive value in the medical community. 

But there was one problem: No one would hire her.

In this episode, Irnise answers your legal questions and provides her insights on:

  • How to respond when a recruiter doesn’t see your worth
  • Staying true to yourself and not giving in on your values just for a job title 
  • The importance of checking your implicit bias to be better for yourself, your patients’ lives and the world.
  • When exactly is the right time for NPs to get malpractice insurance
  • How to negotiate a contract and staying protected with tail insurance after leaving a job


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