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I’m a mom of three and a Yale-trained ER nurse practitioner. My passion is teaching nurses and NPs how to find and land their dream jobs so that they can be professionally and personally fulfilled.

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#038 Navigating the Job Search While Pregnant [Ask Amanda Anything]

#038 Navigating the Job Search While Pregnant [Ask Amanda Anything]

Recently on my Ask Amanda Anything series over on instagram, I received a great question from one of my students that I thought warranted its own episode: How do you navigate the job search or transition into a new nursing role while pregnant?  My first pregnancy was...

Don’t be afraid — Ask your network for referrals!

Don’t be afraid — Ask your network for referrals!

Now may not seem like the best time to reach out to your network, especially considering meeting up for drinks or coffee isn’t an option. But it’s a new year, and after 13 months of adapting to the current state of the world, people are starting to make moves, and...