The Nurse Becoming Podcast 

#064 Do Physicians Hate NPs? Feat. Jenna Lizewski, DNP

Online bullying and shameful attacks on the nurse practitioner profession by our physician colleagues has, unfortunately, been a problem for a while now. 

And these attacks are not just against NPs, but also against physician associates and registered nurses.

I know it’s a bit more of an emotionally charged topic for Nurse Becoming to tackle head on, and there are a number of complex levels within this issue, but I believe it’s worthy of a discussion.

Today I’m joined by Doctorally-Prepared FNP, Jenna Lizewski to have a conversation about the exploitative campaigns against NPs, who the main players are, and our personal opinions around the subject.

In today’s episode, Jenna and I chat all about:

  • How Jenna got her DNP – What her education journey looked like moving from the traditional nursing path to the FNP tract.
  • NP “Bad Publicity” & The Age of Misinformation in Medicine – particularly we speak on the misinformation about nurse practitioners and our profession as a whole.
  • Our opinions for why NP’s are getting publicly shamed online – what is really behind the attacks?
  • How we as NP’s can combat against blatant attacks on the NP profession (and is there any truth to these attacks?

    and more.

And hey, if you are from the physician profession, welcome. I love all of my healthcare colleagues and am very much open to respectful and emotionally intelligent conversations around this topic. 

Because at the end of the day, what matters most is that our patients are getting the best care from thriving and happy professionals working at the top of their scope, and most importantly, working together. 


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