The Nurse Becoming Podcast 

#048 Overcoming Board Exam Anxiety with Sarah Michelle, NP

If reading the words Board Exam make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, read on.

Board exam anxiety is a common topic of concern, but is seldom talked about. 

If you’re a new graduate NP who has not yet taken your Boards, 

OR if you’re a student eventually taking your Boards, then the discussion I had with Sarah Michelle is going to be tremendously helpful for you to hear. 

Nursing Educator and dual certified Family Nurse Practitioner, Sarah Michelle owns a success-driven test prep company where she helps NP’s not only prepare for their Boards but also to overcome test anxiety. Her courses and student groups center around dampening anxiety and building up confidence prior to taking your exam or transitioning into practice!

We all know how essential it is to clinically prepare for a board exam, but priming our mindset and attitude is just as important – and Sarah’s unique approach covers all of the above.

In today’s episode, Sarah Michelle and I chatted about:

  • Her nursing evolution and what it was like to graduate in the middle of Covid-19
  • How far ahead should you begin studying for your Boards
  • AANP vs ANCC
  • How she turned “waiting for a job opportunity” into helping other NP’ with test anxiety
  • Who actually has test anxiety? + PLUS, tremendously helpful tips for overcoming test anxiety
    Knowing the clinical content is only one half of being prepared for an exam… What’s the other half?
  • Getting into the zen headspace to overcome performance sabotage (I share my personal rituals as well. You might not have expected this one from me…)
  • Top mistakes people make when studying or taking their Boards


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