The Nurse Becoming Podcast 

#052 Becoming a Parent & NP with Nurse Liz

I have a confession to make… Sometimes I wish there was an “off” switch to being a full-time working parent. 

Working parenthood is a perpetual cycle of putting out fires, crossing off endless to-do’s and doing your best to keep younger humans alive.

My friend, Nurse Liz understands this, too. Liz is a Family Nurse Practitioner and mother of two girls who is also trying to figure out how to manage and balance work-life and parent-life.

We decided to come together to record this candid discussion all about the real life challenges, struggles and successes that come with being an NP and parent.

For those of you who are working parents, this will likely be a validating episode to hear that you are not alone. 

For those planning a family — Liz shares her light hearted advice on how and when to start a family while working or in school, and what she would’ve done differently in retrospect.

In this episode, Liz shares:

  • The story of her younger, student self and how she evolved into the successful Family NP and Youtuber that she is today.
  • What it was like for her getting pregnant while in grad school. 😮 Liz enthusiastically shared how she “fought back” against the pressure and discrimination she faced from her school.
  • How she “spammed” her resume looking for a job, and what she would have done differently.
  • Guidance for those starting a family – Should you approach your plan differently if you are in nursing or NP school?

We also shared some of our inner feelings and perspectives about getting caught up in
the comparison trap and how society at large rewards people for how productive they are.


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