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#075 Get Your Charts Done on Time with Dr. Sarah Smith

“How can I get my charts done?” is a question you’ve likely asked yourself at some point in your nursing or NP career.

Paperwork and charting is a constant challenge for most medical professionals across the board. 

And most NP’s and nurses, myself included, are pretty used to staying late to finish charting, or end up charting from home or on the weekend to get everything done.

What if I could reveal to you a charting method that allows you to…

📝  Get your charts done on time
⏰  Maintain your personal work and life boundaries, as well as,
✨ Give you back your nights, weekends, and FREEDOM!

I am so inspired to bring on The Charting Coach, Dr. Sarah Smith, to help you reclaim your time and close your charts the same day.

She has helped hundreds of health providers get this result for themselves, whether they are in their first years or decades into practice.

Tune in now to hear:

  • Dr. Sarah Smith’s tried, tested and true framework for how to get your charts done fast and efficiently.
  • The origin story of the Charting Coach and how Dr. Smith learned how to beat her own frustrations with charting as a physician.
  • How to stop being a victim of your clinical day.
  • The most important first step to take towards reclaiming your time.
  • How to handle interruptions within your day,
    and more!

Dr. Sarah Smith provides an abundance of useful tips for taking control of your clinical day so that you can complete your charts
before you leave work,

… Giving you back your evenings, your weekends, your energy, and maybe even your sanity.

I believe that you are going to seriously love this motivating episode.


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