The Nurse Becoming Podcast 

#025 From Foster Care to PhD – Dr. Sharrica Miller

Growing up, Sharrica Miller was always waiting for the next knock on the door. She spent her childhood in and out of foster homes, and she said her formative years were marked by the times social services would come knocking on the door to pick her up. 

Her mom had a long history of heroin use, and her dad sold drugs to support the family. Her senior year of high school, she lost her brother to gang violence, and her dad was injured in the fray. That’s when Sharrica said she first felt the tug toward nursing. 

Now, after years of working, Sharrica holds her PhD from the University of California Los Angeles and works full-time as a professor of nursing, pouring into the next generation of helping professionals. Sharrica is also a staunch advocate for youth in foster care and the focus of an upcoming documentary, Still Waters Never Crash, a film about her journey from foster care to holding her PhD.  


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