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#078 NP Specialty Takeovers Series – Dermatology with Patricia Delgado

Dermatology is one of the more specialized paths you can take as a nurse practitioner, and many NP’s find dermatology to be a rewarding and exciting specialization to pursue.

If you have questions about how to become a Dermatology NP, what to expect or if it’s even the right path for you, discover the world of dermatology with my special guest, Patricia Delgado. 

Patricia is a dermatology nurse practitioner working in clinical aesthetic and surgical dermatology, as well as the founder and president of the Florida Chapter of the Dermatology Nurses Association.  

In today’s
NP Specialty Takeover episode, tune in to hear:

  • How Patricia got into this specialty and what she loves most about working with dermatology patients.
  • What a day-in-the-life of a derm NP looks like, based on Patricia’s six years of experience!
  • An insider look at what the physician oversight is like, the number of patients Patricia sees daily, and the kind of atmosphere she works in.
  • What to expect as a general basis for holidays and PTO as a Dermatology NP.
  • Patricia’s recommendations and advice for getting started.

And a lot more.

Be sure to listen all the way through, especially if you are a nursing student or new graduate…

… You may not want to hear Patricia’s last bit of advice, but we promise it is invaluable!



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