The Nurse Becoming Podcast 

#041 All About the DNP with Dr. Veronica Sampayo

Have you ever thought about pursuing your DNP? 

I get a lot of people asking about the DNP. They want to know, 

“Should I do my Masters or Doctorate?”

“I’ve got my DNP, now what?”

These are good questions, but this is not my area of expertise. 

The Doctor of Nursing Practice degree rolled out when I was in grad school completing my Masters of Science in Nursing. Because of the timing, I didn’t exactly get the opportunity to consider doing a doctoral program. Today however, many NP’s are graduating with their DNP. 

So since I don’t have my DNP (… yet…*mischievous grin*)  I wanted to bring Dr. Veronica Sampayo on the podcast to answer questions, as well as to share how this degree can be leveraged for standing out and amplifying your capabilities.

Veronica Sampayo is a Doctorally Prepared Nurse Practitioner with notable insights as to how having your DNP can help you climb through the ranks to your professional destiny. After speaking with her, I want to get my DNP!

In this episode, Veronica and I talk all about the DNP, including:

  • How life “slapped her in the face” at just 24 years old. What shocking diagnosis did her husband receive and why did it lead her to pursue a career as a DNP?
  • What Veronica recognized in her position as an APP that gave her career clues
  • Qualifications for NPs – How men and women differ (This statistic surprised me!)
  • Veronica’s decision making process between DNP vs MSN
    How her DNP education has shaped her career so far (the pivotal moment) and how her practice is different now because she has the DNP.

    As well as…
  • Advice for new grads in DNP programs!


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