The Nurse Becoming Podcast 

#040 Doing Things Scared with Dr. Latrina Walden

There’s a saying that goes, “Success leaves clues” and if you’re a Nurse Practitioner student, Dr. Latrina Walden is a model example of someone to put on your list to pick up clues from!

Latrina is the founder of Latrina Walden Exam Solutions, an organization that helps NP students pass their board exams and feel like an #NPin5Minutes. Think of her as the go-to study mentor for remembering everything you need to know!

While I’m sure that discussing studying abilities and tips for testing would make for an interesting episode, I wanted to take things a step further by leaning into one of Latrina’s genius zones: the art of doing things scared.

In this episode, Latrina and I cover:

  • How to overcome the fear of outshining others and doing well
  • How Latrina acknowledge her super power and self-actualized her full potential 
  • The art of doing things scared, leaning into confidence and making the JUMP before you’re ready
  • Where Latrina got her start and what she did to get comfortable in the discomfort
  • Entrepreneurship — What it’s really like from the loneliness to the abundance
  • The oh-so common “Nursing Skepticism” and how to get the support you’re looking for
  • When to know it’s time to get a mentor 
  • How Latrina structures her day and prioritizes as a mother, industry thought leader and business woman

We also covered reframing your mindset during the pandemic – this part is juicy!


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