The Nurse Becoming Podcast 

#108. Anxiety as a Student and Nurse – Embracing Different Learning Styles with Sarah Michelle

Anxiety is one of the most prevalent mental health issues among nursing students, 

Yet- it would appear that not much intervention is being done by the education system to help students manage & cope with their anxiety. 

How could things be better in our education system?What would YOU change, if given the chance?

In today’s episode, my guest, Sarah Michelle, and I discuss:

  • Reform in nurse practitioner education.
  • The gap in how nursing students are addressed in the education system, and why we need to accommodate for where each student is at.
  • Anxiety in the classroom and uncomfortable situations in the clinical setting.
  • How Sarah Michelle handled having a panic attack during a clinical rotation.
  • Cutting through the self-doubt of, “am I cut out for nursing?”
  • Our opinions on differences between NP and RN school.
  • Are NPs actually prepared to be ready to graduate, or…?
    and plenty more!



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