The Nurse Becoming Podcast 

#105. Becoming a Travel NP with Ebony Thyme

How to become a travel nurse practitioner? 

One of the best parts about being a traveling NP is the flexibility – and Ebony Thyme is here to share all the perks about locum jobs for NPs!

Ebony Thyme is a Locum Tenen Nurse Practitioner, aka Travel NP, who has cultivated an amazing life and NP business by integrating her nursing career with her passion for adventure!

In today’s episode, Ebony answers:

  • What do locum tenen providers do for work?
  • How Ebony became a traveling nurse practitioner.
  • The differences between travel nursing and being a travel NP.
  • Key distinctions between W2 and 1099 independent contractor roles as a locum tenen NP.
  • Ebony’s entire career path – from nursing school, to becoming an RN to transitioning to an NP working in urgent care, to finally to becoming an LTNP!
  • Locum tenen assignments – What destinations does she travel to as an NP?
  • And plenty more!

Ebony Thyme also shares tips for prospective locum tenen NPs, the perks of NP travel jobs, and ways for how you can get started!



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