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#067 Burnout Round Table with Erica Dorn & Diana Page

Have you reached the point of job burnout?

If you’re a member of the NP Society, then you likely know from our monthly self care classes that burnout is a major concern.

And it’s not just us. 

Spring Health, a leading provider of behavioral health benefits, revealed the findings of Burnout Nation, a December 2020 online study of 1,136 employed U.S. adults that found more than three-quarters (76%) of U.S. employees are currently experiencing worker burnout.

Woah, right? 

But despite burnout being such a prevalent topic right now, I feel like there’s still a lot of confusion, shame and stigma around it. 

  • What are the signs of burnout?
  • What can we do about it?
  • How can we protect ourselves from burnout? 

I figured that important, health-altering questions like these deserved a proper round table discussion — 

That’s why today’s episode features burnout educators and mentors, Diana Page of Self Care Catalyst, and Erica Dorn from The Burned Out Nurse Practitioner!

In today’s Burnout Round Table episode, we discussed,

  • How to differentiate between burnout and being miserable in your job.
  • Watch for these early hallmark signs of burnout.
  • Recovery steps to take if you are experiencing or on the brink of burnout.
  • Why take a “Personal Debrief” at the end of your shift each day.
  • The power of gratitude, journaling, and joy in your self care practices
    (#Self Care Is A Human Right)
  • What boundaries look like and how we can practice setting boundaries with ourselves and others.
  • Diana and Erica’s Top Three “Burnout Repellent” activities to try yourself!
  • Why you should ask about workplace culture and environment in the job interview.
    and more…


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