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#066 Updates from Our New Grad NP Roundtable

When I first recorded Episode #32, New Grad NP Roundtable, I never expected it to become one of our most popular episodes.

It’s ranked as one of Nurse Becoming’s Top 5 Downloads ever since the release, and we’ve received tons of great feedback about it. 😃 

In case you missed it, I’m talking about the very special conversation that I facilitated between Liz Rohr from Real World NP, myself, and a few new graduate NP’s. (If you haven’t heard it yet, here’s the link.)

Now, ~6 months later, I’m checking in on a couple of these not-so-new-grad NP’s to see how things are going for them!

On today’s “Updates from Our New Grad NP Roundtable” episode, you’ll hear from Michelle, who recently started her position as a Primary Care NP in California, and Mariah who just started their job at an FQHC!

I asked them about:

  • Their biggest struggles
  • What their schedules have been like
  • How comfortable they feel in their roles now
  • And more!

The insights they share are sure to be helpful to any new grads who would love a “look into the future” 🔮for what they might be able to expect at their first NP job. 

I hope you enjoy the update!


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