The Nurse Becoming Podcast 

#032 New Grad NP Roundtable

I’m sure you have gathered by the title, but for today’s episode, I’m joined by a few other great minds. Being a new graduate is scary — we know this, and we’ve talked about it before (here and here) and you can download The Nurse Practitioner Graduation Survival Guide, completely free at: https://theresumerx.com/npgrad. But in today’s episode, I’m taking some of your questions to my circle.  Meriah Ward is a family nurse practitioner at a federally-qualified community health center in Raleigh, North Carolina. Meriah is a client-turned-colleague, and they specialize in caring for adult patients.  Natalie Adame, who is also a nurse practitioner, specializes in pediatrics, and she works at a children’s hospital. Her patient population is split — half in-patient, half out-patient.  Michelle Coad is a FNP at a federally-qualified health center in California. She works with adults in her current role, but she has worked previously as a school registered nurse, conducting screenings and providing health education.   As most of you know, I am Amanda Guarniere, and I am an adult and women’s health nurse practitioner since 2011, though I am currently not working clinically. You can learn more of my story in Episode 26 here And lastly, my co-facilitator for this conversation is Liz Rohr, who joined me in Episode 11 last year on the podcast to talk about NP mentorship. Liz is a family nurse practitioner and the woman behind Real World NP, a site and online community aimed at guiding new NPs through the early years of questioning their skills and doubting themselves. For this episode, we sourced some questions from the Nurse Becoming and TRRx communities. We want you to guide this conversation and to create a space of no b.s. answers to some of the most common questions among new grads — questions like:

  1. How did you find your current position? 
  2. What does orientation look like when starting a new position? 
  3. What does a typical day of work look like?
  4. How can I advocate for myself in my new position? 
  5. What advice would you give new/soon-to-be graduates? 

Check out the episode for those no b.s. answers we talked about, and let me know if there are any questions we missed! In the meantime, we’re all rooting for you!