The Nurse Becoming Podcast 

#059 Things to Negotiate Other Than Salary

You may already know the value of negotiating your salary before accepting a job offer.

You’ve seen the internet quotables like, “know your worth, then add tax”.

However, there are benefits OTHER than salary that are also worth negotiating that can help to increase your quality of life. 

It seemed odd to me that these benefits are seldom discussed, so today’s podcast episode is all about the Top Benefits You Can & Should Negotiate For At Your Job.

In today’s negotiation podcast episode, I’m covering:

  • How salary differs from income
  • How to negotiate your income (did you know that you can ask about these two benefits?)
  • How to negotiate your time, schedule, PTO and vacation benefits
  • How to negotiate for out-of-pocket expenses (so that you have more money in your pocket)
  • Which other and uncommon benefits to consider negotiating for (Parents, you will likely find this section valuable.)
  • Answers to a few of your negotiation questions


Pssst! Pay close attention to the part where I talk about retirement contribution benefits. A lot of younger and newer NP’s tend to gloss over this and I don’t want you to miss out on more $$$!


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