The Nurse Becoming Podcast 

#113. BEST OF: How to Find Clinical Sites That Lead to Dream Jobs with Shelby Pope

What if you could find a clinical rotation and, through your nursing experience, turn your rotation into a job opportunity? 

If landing a job before you graduate nursing school sounds unrealistic, allow me to introduce you to Shelby Pope.

Shelby shared a great story about how she not only landed her dream clinical rotation, she was also able to transform that rotation into a JOB OFFER that was held for her for a year while she was getting ready to graduate!

Yes she really did that. 👏👏  

With so many NP students struggling to set up their own clinical rotations, how did Shelby manage to achieve this as a new-grad NP?

Today I’m re-airing this major fan-favorite episode, How To Find Clinical Sites That Lead to Dream Jobs with Shelby Pope.

It’s a great chance to catch up on a Best Of episode you may have never heard, or re-learn and reinforce powerful insights.

In today’s “Best Of Nurse Becoming” episode, Shelby and I discuss:

  • Shelby’s personal story and nursing journey – We dive into her 7+ years registered nursing experience in neuro, ICU and ambulatory care and how her unique life circumstances influenced her decision to become an NP.
  • How Shelby approached her clinical rotations in an unconventional way that made the most of her education and also helped her secure a job.
  • What her first nursing job was like – and why it was far from picture perfect.
  • Shelby’s “long term vision approach” for how she was able to land clinical rotations that could lead to future opportunities (I FULLY endorse her approach!)
  • Advice to anyone in NP school who is struggling with having to set up their own clinical rotations.
  • Big lessons turning into action as a new NP
  • And more!



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