The Nurse Becoming Podcast 

#111. Improving Charting & Time Management with Erica Dorn

Almost every single nurse practitioner I’ve met has experienced burnout in some capacity. I’m talking- 

Physical & emotional exhaustion, 

Lack of motivation, 

High distress

Frustration, apathy, malaise, and more…

And the nursing job activity that most contributes to burnout and job dissatisfaction? 


Today, Erica Dorn is here to give you action steps you can implement this week to help you avoid burnout and manage your time & charting with healthy energy boundaries.

In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • The top contributors to burnout that nurses should watch out for. 👀
  • Exactly how NP’s can find out what is behind feeling burnout, so that you can feel more energized and at peace *without having to quit your nursing job!
  • All things Charting and Time Management – the #1 causes for burnout and being unhappy with your job.
  • Specific tips for better time management in your charting routine so that you can go home earlier.
  • How to know your breaking point of burnout – when it’s time for a complete change
  • And more!


About today’s guest:

Erica D the NP is a family nurse practitioner and creator of The Burned-Out Nurse Practitioner. Erica became burned-out from healthcare working as an RN on a busy acute care floor. After struggling with mental, physical, emotional exhaustion, lack of empathy, detachment, and compassion fatigue, Erica made the choice to stay in healthcare and overcome the burnout. Erica now helps nurse practitioners do the same! The Burned-Out NP was created to assist overwhelmed nurse practitioners in creating work-life balance, conquering burnout, and advocating for themselves. Specializing in burnout, charting and time management tips, controlling imposter syndrome, contract negotiation, and life in general, The Burned-Out NP currently offers online courses, coaching, and support.



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