The Nurse Becoming Podcast 

#107. Becoming a Sex-Positive Provider with Featherstone, NP

Sex-positive healthcare is about so much more than simply approaching sensitive sexual health experiences with an open mind…

We as healthcare providers have a responsibility to improve diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in our field.

And one of the ways that we can be more inclusive, positive, and safe for our patients and for all people is to seek out education on (and put into practice!) inclusive-informed actions.

But what does being a sex-positive provider look like in the day-to-day? 

Today, I am lucky to have WHNP and Psychiatric NP, Featherstone on the podcast to share insightful personal stories that led them to unifying the field of reproductive & sexual health with perinatal health and mental health. 

In today’s episode, Featherstone and I discussed:

  • Featherstone’s journey to becoming a dual certified NP of Women’s Health and Psychiatry
  • What it means to be sex-positive
  • Specific question styles you can implement to foster a safer space for our Queer community
  • How to navigate becoming a sex-positive provider
  • The PLISSIT Model

Featherstone is a dual certified nurse practitioner of Women’s Health and Psychiatry. As the founder of Eucalyptus Health, Featherstone “brings the heart of midwifery to mental health” to parents and queer folks in Idaho and Virginia. They are a two-time graduate of Frontier Nursing University, and have a career that spans neurology, behavioral health, women’s health, sexuality, and psychedelic medicine.

Featherstone currently serves as the Organizer of their local Perinatal Mental Health Coalition, as well as on the Board of the Idaho Association of Sexual Health Professionals. They are an active member of the Sexual Medicine Society of North America, involved in the Mental Health subcommittee. They are an avid reader of anything related to relationships, the brain, gender, and sex, and are happiest discussing these ideas over a steaming cup of Earl Grey.



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