The Nurse Becoming Podcast 

#102 How to Find an NP Job as a New Grad featuring Nurse Clara!

You’ve been studying hard for years to become a nurse practitioner, and now you are finally ready to start job hunting. Amazing! 

But to start the job search as a new NP – let alone actually land your dream job as a new graduate – can sure feel like an uphill climb. 

So I’d like to help you with that by sharing something a little different and airing the audio from an Instagram live chat I did with Nurse Clara.  

If you don’t know Clara, you definitely should – she is a labor and delivery nurse who recently graduated from her FNP program and got a job working in a GYN practice! 

In today’s episode, Nurse Clara and I discussed:

  • When is the right time to start your job search after graduating?
  • How cultivating solid clinical relationships can impact your job search
  • Reverse engineering your job search and how to do it!
  • How to cold outreach to clinics (without being “annoying”)
  • The professional follow up period you should take into consideration
  • Can you apply for your dream position when they require 2-3 years of experience?

And so much more.

I think you’ll enjoy hearing the experience of someone who has just gone through the process, and of course I share my best practices as well. Tune in now!



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