The Nurse Becoming Podcast 

#095 How I Started, Grew, and Scaled The Résumé Rx

Starting an online business and scaling to be able to leave my full time job was never something I considered a viable career path, until I accidentally started a business.

Yep. My company that I started in 2018 happened completely by accident.

Ready for me to take you behind-the-scenes on how I started, grew, and scaled The Résumé Rx?

Dr. Lauren Duroy asked me some insightful & deep questions in the realm of online business, entrepreneurship and how I started my side hustle while working as an NP.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing:

  • How having twins and one Facebook post led me to starting an online business
  • Why I decided to stop trading time for money
  • How I came up with my first ever résumé service
  • My honest and unpopular opinion about job market saturation
  • How The NP Society, (my online membership for NPs), is bringing community and connection to the forefront of the nursing profession.
  • My vulnerable thoughts and feelings about entrepreneurship
  • What key moves I made early on in my online business that helped me scale

And tons more!

Listen in to gain insight on all the alternative ways that exist for you to use your skills, and pursue a passion of yours that may exist outside of the traditional medical pathway. 

I hope that what you hear today inspires you! 


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