The Nurse Becoming Podcast 

#079 Another New Grad NP Roundtable!

On the path to becoming a new nurse practitioner? 

Wish that you could be a fly on the wall as a new graduate in transition to see what actually goes on in practice?

Today’s episode is all about the student to NP transition and is a recording taken from the NP Society’s first ever virtual conference, where we featured this New Grad NP Panel Discussion!

Hear from four new nurse practitioners, Allie Norris-Fagg, Alyssa Wong, Mona Blackwell and Shelby Pope. 

All of them are members of the NP Society and volunteered to share their experiences with you.


In today’s roundtable episode, our amazing panelists share:

  • The journey of how each of them, as new grad NP’s, found their first NP job
  • How long it took to find a position and how they chose which opportunity was right for them 
  • What they’re struggling with right now (it’s important that we normalize the difficult parts of practice)
  • The powerful benefits that come from having a mentor by your side

They also answer questions on,

  • What does NP orientation look like?
  • What are their schedules like? Does it feel manageable? 
  • Knowing what they know now, what would they have done differently?

I’m confident that you will find this a very valuable talk!



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