The Nurse Becoming Podcast 

#054 NP Roundtable – 10 Years Into Practice

Today’s episode is special. Why? It’s another NP Roundtable episode, 10 Years Into Practice! ✨ 

Meet my classmates, Stephanie, Ellie and Teresa. We graduated 10 years ago from Yale School of Nursing (#ElderNPs) and have become close friends ever since.

All of us completed the combined adult & women’s health NP dual certification, however as you’ll hear in this episode, NONE of us continued working in the women’s health space… 

From post graduate humble beginnings to landing “unicorn” jobs, we’re sharing the unique trials and tribulations of our different yet relatable NP careers.

In this special Roundtable Episode, you’ll hear stories and insights from:

  • Stephanie (she/her/ella), a pulmonary and sleep medicine NP based in Sonoma County, California
  • Teresa (she/her), who found her ideal career in internal medicine and has been at the same practice in Western Massachusetts for 10 years!


  • Ellie (she/her), who is working as an NP in home visit primary and urgent care for highly vulnerable patients in Astoria, Queens.


We chatted all about:

  • The varying positions everyone has held since graduation and how each of us found our “clinical happy place”.
  • The biggest professional challenges we’ve faced in our careers.
  • How we’ve tried to manage the rollercoaster of our professional goals and personal life evolution.
  • Work-Life Balance… Does it exist? (This was one of my favorite parts of the discussion!)
  • Personal anecdotes and advice to our earlier selves – What we would’ve done differently.
  • What your first year of NP practice will look like (and how to recognize your worth as an employee.)

Be sure to stay until the very end to hear answers to your questions, including straightforward, honest advice for new and graduating NP’s who are just starting out.


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