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#053 Do You Have to be Passionate About Your Job?

It’s a little absurd to me, in retrospect, how when we’re in high school we are pressured to choose our career path. 

If you ask me, that’s a colossal decision to put on the shoulders of a 17 year old!

When it comes to choosing your career, one of the most common pieces of advice you’ve likely heard is to “choose a career that you’re passionate about.”

I wonder, do you have to be passionate about your job or about your career in order to feel good and be successful? Is passion required? Is it really that important?

My opinion on this has fluctuated over the years; How I feel today is veryyyyyyy different from how I felt 10 years ago when I first began my NP journey.

Today I’m sharing a few of my revelations with you, and expanding on what I think it means to pursue a career path with purpose, to lead with impact and to live a truly full and passionate life.

On the topic of passion, I’m sharing:

  • The Cliff Notes version of my own school-to-career path —  How I went from pursuing a liberal arts degree to becoming a nurse practitioner.
  • The 2 Factors that influenced my decision making when pivoting between 2 different industries. 
  • How I struggled to find the right place for me clinically.
  • The contributing elements to why I wasn’t feeling engaged in my work (and why this may not be the case for everyone in a similar situation)

  • My two big “Ah-ha!” realizations and motivational drivers in life (Let me know if either one of these resonate with you, too!)

Some of my thoughts are in opposition to a few of the memes and articles floating around the internet today. And that’s ok! Each one of us is on our own unique path.

No matter what your vision is, I want you to know that you are capable of creating that passionate life that you dream of, in whatever way feels right for you.


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