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Stand out with these résumé templates for the modern medical professional

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Don’t know what to write or how to land that dream job? Look no further.

Dream Job Roadmap for New NPs

Are you ready for a complete, step-by-step roadmap that will show you how to find the job, land the job, and love the job? This is the only program you need!

Weekend Résumé Makeover

Are you ready for a complete résumé and cover letter overhaul? Learn the exact process I use with all my custom clients to help them stand out from the competition in this online, self-paced course.



what's included in my resume template purchase?

When you purchase one of the templates above, you will get all of the following in 3 formats (Word, Pages, Google Docs):

-1 and 2-page resume template options

-1 and 2-page new grad resume template options

-Reference list and cover letter template

-Font files

-Detailed, easy to follow instructions

-Excellent customer service from a nurse practitioner (me!) who wants you to land the job of your dreams.


how exactly does the purchase process work?

-Choose your favorite template above and you will be taken to the checkout page.

-After completing your purchase (via PayPal, debit/credit care, or Apple Pay) you will receive an e-mail with access to all of your documents.

-Choose the format you wish to work with (Word, Pages, Google Docs), and follow the corresponding instructions.

-DIY your résumé by entering your text over my place holder text.

-Change anything you want within the template: font, font color, lines, colored areas.

what's required to use one of the templates?

Word/Pages versions: 

-A desktop or laptop computer (Mac or PC) and ability to install fonts if you are using a shared/public computer

-Microsoft Word or Apple Pages (free for Mac users!)

-Unzipping software (included on Macs and most PCs)

Google Docs (my preferred method!):

-A device with internet access and the ability to connect to a printer.

how do i know if i need a resume or cv?

Loaded question! Just kidding…

For the most part, we in the U.S. tend to use these terms interchangeably. 

My résumé templates are robust and because of the layout are able to fit in a lot of complementary information that traditionally you may only find on a C.V.

Most clinical folks will need a résumé only. However, if you are in academics, involved in research, or have an extensive advanced practice work history with more than just clinical positions (think: faculty appointments, published papers, etc), you may be happier with a more traditional C.V. style layout.


What’s your refund policy?

If you have technology issues, please reach out to me directly at If I am unable to troubleshoot your problem (which may involve using another included version, such as Google Docs), I will refund your purchase 100%.

As much as I would love to guarantee that this template will land you the job of your dreams, the ultimate outcome is beyond my control 😉

can you just write my résumé for me?

This is a service that we no longer offer as it has evolved into our step-by-step résumé and cover letter tutorial program – Weekend Résumé Makeover!