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The NP salary report

A free, crowdsourced database of real NP salaries*

(*now with 3500+ entries!)

 Please fill out your information above and click the ‘Next Step’ button to be taken to The NP Survey. Once you’ve submitted your salary information through the survey, you’ll receive access to the viewable database!

how does this work?

If you’re any of the NPs or NP students I’ve worked with over the years as a career coach, you’re probably wondering what sort of salaries are out there!

And for good reason – we all want to make sure we are being paid our worth. 

I’m on a mission to help improve salary transparency for nurse practitioners by creating a massive database of real nurse practitioner salaries.

The more NPs who participate, the better the database will be, since it relies on you to participate in order to increase the number of salary submissions. 

After you submit the form above, you’ll get access to the Salary Report. 

You’ll also get access to a training library that will help show you how to use the database – one of the best features is that you won’t have to scroll and search for your area or specialty – it’s a fully sortable and filterable database so you can find what you need quickly and easily.

Thank you for participating!

Amanda Guarniere

Founder, The Résumé Rx

Hey there!

I’m Amanda Guarniere – nurse practitioner and NP mentor!

Think of me as your NP big sister – for the past five years I’ve been helping nurses and NPs find and land their dream careers so that they can be professionally and personally fulfilled.

After 10+ years as a nurse practitioner, I was shocked to learn that the new NPs were getting little-to-no job searching advice in school. 

I’ve made it my mission to help NPs thrive and love their careers. This means I’m here to teach you how to find, land, and love your NP job.

Stick with me…I’m always rooting for you!