The Résumé Rx

[VIDEO] Not Sure Whether You Need a Résumé or CV? Watch to Find Out!

Amanda Guarniere

One of the most common questions I get from new graduate nurse practitioners is whether or not they need a CV (and what a CV actually is). Many RNs just aren’t sure how their documents should change as they take on the new role of NP.


Many are surprised to hear that the confusion isn’t just among new NPs – most employers probably are not sure of the actual difference either.


In the video, you’ll learn:


  • The traditional difference between a résumé and a C.V.
  • Who I think needs a true C.V., and who needs a detailed résumé
  • The story behind the longest C.V. I ever wrote

Now that you’ve watched the video, is anything unclear? I’d love to hear from you in the comments! Let me know if you’ve figured out what type of document you need according to your specific situation!


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If you’re ready to write your own résumé and/or CV and you want an easy way to get it done, then my Nurse Résumé Template Bundle is a great tool to help transform your documents.