Labor & Delivery Nurse

You are a fun-loving nurse who enjoys making connections with patients and families.

You are a natural-born educator and love the opportunities to help patients better themselves! 
You love celebrating with your patients but can also be there emotionally when there is trauma.

Other specialties you may enjoy include:
-NICU Nurse
-Mental Health Nursing
-Dermatology / Aesthetics

ready to go after your dream job but not sure how to get started?




How to Land Your DREAM Nursing Job (Regardless of Your Experience)

How you can make the shift from passionate without a plan to feeling confident in the steps to take to chase your dream nursing career.

In this on-demand web class, you’ll learn:

→ The 3 Top Mistakes I see over and over when nursing professionals are looking and applying for jobs

→ How to Stand Out when your area is oversaturated with other nurses like you

→ The Secrets to making a pivot to a new specialty

→ My Foolproof Strategy to avoid feeling useless and lost in a job that you feel disconnected to 

You may not have heard these things in school…

I feel strongly that everyone deserves to find their corner of the professional world where they feel fulfilled, passionate, and purposeful. It’s my mission to help you discover what that means to you, and I will teach you how to find and land your dream nursing job.

This Masterclass is a Must Attend if…

» You’re feeling passionate about a particular area in nursing but feeling insecure about how to make the switch

» You’re overwhelmed with the process of applying to jobs

» You’re super passionate but need the opportunity to show a job just how passionate you are!

A Personal Invitation From Amanda…

I know what it’s like to be so passionate about a particular specialty but to struggle to be given the chance to show my passion.

As a nurse practitioner and mom, it’s been my mission to find the ideal balance between professional satisfaction and personal freedom and happiness.

As a career mentor, I’ve helped more than 800 women gain their career confidence and land some pretty impressive opportunities.

This brand new masterclass is a culmination of the strategies I teach to help my clients discover their strengths, put their passions on paper, and chase their dream careers.

If you’re committed to making this the year you finally take the leap and listen to your inner Florence Nightingale, I can’t wait to help you get there faster and more confidently.

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