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[VIDEO] Overview of My Products, Services, and Pricing

Amanda Guarniere

Pretty regularly, I field questions from people in my audience trying to figure out which of my products or services is right for them. I offer a variety of résumé products and services that support career strategy for nurses. So, as you can imagine, that is highly dependent on you as an individual, your background, your experience, your current role, your future role and your career goals. Whether you’re looking for quick DIY nurse résumé fix, or a more long term support who can help with your job search and career strategy for nurses, I’m confident I can help. But in doing so, it’s really important to me that I give you the tools and information you need, so that you can find the resources and the help that you need to take your career to the next level. And part of that is me remaining transparent about who’s the best fit for what. I also want you to feel like my pricing itself is transparent. I don’t like to keep anything behind closed doors, which is why all my pricing is advertised. You don’t have to get on a long call with me for me to give you a long sales pitch. Price accessibility and price transparency is important to me! So here’s an update about the products and services that I’m currently offer. I cover my products for RNs and NPs, and include the cost of each. https://youtu.be/pdPMtU_5jsU *prices mentioned in the video above are subject to change.

Résumé Templates and Services for Nursing Professionals

Based on the name of my business you may realize that I’m known for résumés. I firmly believe that résumés are not the only part of your job search strategy. And while they are not the only thing that I help with, résumés are something that a lot of nursing professionals need help with. So several offers are centered around having the best résumé and cover letter possible for you.

Résumé Template Bundle

The first option is the lower tier, do it yourself option: my résumé template bundle for $37. It includes document templates in Word pages and Google Doc formats for the actual résumé document that you will create. There are prompts, instructions on how to fill things out from a tech perspective, and it comes with six different designs to choose from. The matching designs also include a cover letter template and a reference list template. So it’s really a bundle that gives you pretty much everything you need from a formatting perspective, to give your résumé, a makeover or a new outfit, so to speak. And that’s $37!

Résumé Makeover PRO – *previously known as Weekend Résumé Makeover

Are you someone who needs a little bit more help, but still wants to do it yourself? I have a program for you called Résumé Makeover PRO which is $247. This program includes all the templates included in my bundle. But also includes word for word scripts, and tutorial videos. It’s as if you’re looking over my shoulder as I write a résumé and cover letter! You’ll finish knowing best practices for nurse résumé writing. And feel ultra confident in how to approach writing your résumé.

Custom Résumé Writing

I’m no longer offering custom writing services. Check out my blog post: The Best Résumé Writers and Coaches for Nurses for my list of recommendations.

Career Strategy for Nurse Practitioners

I’m a nurse practitioner myself, and my career expertise in terms of job search strategy and professional development really expand around the nurse practitioner experience. Because of this, I’ve developed programs that are directed exclusively for nurse practitioners.

Dream Job Roadmap for NPs

My signature program is called Dream Job Roadmap for NPs. This program is for job seeking nurse practitioners. And to be totally honest with you, it is my most favorite thing that I’ve ever created. This is a program that’s meant to take you as a new grad NP from commencement to contract. Or, if you’re an experienced NP stuck in a job you hate, this program is meant to help you find a new job that you love. The program is very practical and also focused on overall career strategy for nurses. And it follows my framework of find the job, land the job, love the job.

  1. One section covers how you should be looking for jobs, how to reach out, and kind of cold call practices, and what the application process should look like for you as a nurse practitioner.
  2. Another section focuses on landing the job. We go through interview best practices, how to write your résumé, and you get access to my Résumé Makeover PRO program.
  3. And in the third section, we go into contracts, negotiation, onboarding, and mentorship. This final section is intended to cover all the things that you need to bridge you from receiving an offer to not only accepting the job, but making that transition to provider.

Dream Job Roadmap for NPs also comes with a community of fellow NPs – at the time I’m writing this there are 150 students in that community! Both current students and alumni, which I love. Because I’m trying to create a really supportive community so that you can learn and be supported not only from people who are in the same phase as you, but people who have recently gone through the experience and can shine a light on what’s to come.

In Need of Career Strategy for Nurses?

I hope this write up gives you a nice overview of my most common offerings when it comes to résumé and career strategy for nurses. I do occasionally offer paid workshops, and I have some other smaller products that you may come across and that we occasionally invite you to take part in. But these products and services above are the things that I am most proud of, and have had the most success and transformation with my customers and clients. Interested in purchasing my résumé templates? Click here! Want more info about my online course and community? Click here!


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