(Without hiring a resume writer, working for 2 years in a soul-sucking job, or feeling as though you have no chance against the competition)

If you’re a nursing professional looking to have a long career in a field you love (without burning out), then you know you need to find a professionally fulfilling job that leaves you feeling like you’re leaving an impact on your patients and the world.

You’re passionate about why you became a nursing professional – I know.

You know the impact that you can have on not only one person, but on a large group of people through the compassionate, skilled, and supportive care you can provide.

After all, you probably became a nurse not only to help others, but to feel good and important to be able to be there for someone in a time of crisis or need.

You’ve probably also heard that nurse burnout is rising at alarming rates – nearly 16% of all nurses report feelings of burnout and feeling emotionally detached from their work (which is not doing ourselves or our patients any favors). (Source PRC National Nurse Engagement Report, 2019).

Here’s what you may not know

Graduating and getting your credentials will prepare you to practice, but finding and landing your ideal job will:


It’s easy to listen to the veteran nurses who insist that you MUST put in your time in med/surg before moving onto what you really became a nurse to do. Telling yourself it’s okay to go after your passions will lead to a longer, more satisfying career.


You’ve spent so much time focusing on school, so much so that your life may have revolved around it. If you want to be able to truly enjoy your time off (and have the money to do so) you’ll want to figure out what you want out of life – and fit your job in the space left over (not the other way around).


Chances are, writing a resume and going for an interview gives you sweaty palms and tachycardia. Learning how to do this (and do it well!) will keep you calm and cool when new opportunities present themselves.


Working in a field you love will ensure that you avoid burnout and enjoy a long, fulfilling, and successful career (without negativity that may spill into your personal life).

Even though the reasons to discover and land your dream career are obvious, the path to actually doing it is anything but.

Land my dream job? Awesome!

But where the heck do I start?

Perhaps in your most vivid Nightingale dreams you’ve imagined your perfect, ideal nursing job.

You’ve stalked it on Indeed.com, spoken with other nurses who hold a similar job about what they did to get the job, and maybe you’ve even thrown together a résumé and applied to the position even though you felt your qualifications couldn’t compete.

If you’re super passionate, maybe you’ve shadowed on your dream unit, or even arranged a clinical rotation there so you could impress those on the inside.

But sometimes passion alone isn’t enough, and many nursing professionals get paralyzed about the actual process of finding and applying for their dream job – so they don’t do anything at all (or worse yet, accept any job that comes their way...all while letting THE job pass them by).

Here’s why the most passionate nurses put their dreams aside:

Without a super clear, step-by-step process for discovering their passion, finding their dream position, and actually applying for it, they get completely lost.

(Because let’s be honest, they didn’t exactly teach this stuff in school.)

They fall victim to the paralyzing belief that their experience isn’t good enough, that they can’t compete with more seasoned nurses, and think there’s no way they can go through this daunting process and actually wind up landing the position.

Here’s why the world (including you!) cannot afford to miss this opportunity:

As a licensed or soon-to-be nurse or nurse practitioner with people who need your care, compassion, skills, and hunger to effect change, you cannot deprive patients who need nurses like you.

And the moment you get stuck in a life-sucking job that leaves you devoid of your emotional connection and compassion, it’s almost impossible to recover.

Before you know it, you could be jaded and burnt out, and your patients, you, and even your friends and family would all be the ones to suffer.

Therefore, you need tap into that feeling of wonder that you had on your very first day of clinicals, and find a job that gives you that feeling every day of your career.

Luckily for you, there are many nurses just like you, who don’t know how to make themselves stand out and will wind up taking just any job and potentially let dreams and opportunities pass them by.

In all likelihood, you’re not the only one feeling paralyzed and overwhelmed about not knowing where or how to start.

Which means…

There’s still plenty of time for you to throw your hat into the ring, raise your hand, and step forward to claim your dream job.

That is…if you can avoid the same career-halting job application mistakes your competitors are making.

4 Reasons Why You Haven’t

Landed Your Dream Job

You feel too overwhelmed with the process to even begin

When the process of doing something new seems scary or daunting, chances are you may not do anything at all…and find yourself stuck.

How do I know what I’m passionate about? How do I even find my dream job? How do I show them how passionate I am without sounding like a babbling fool?

Rather than imagining your dream career as this big, unattainable, impossible goal with so many moving parts, you must break down the process.

(Might I even compare it to the nursing process…?)

Time to give the process the respect it deserves and come up with a step by step plan – and approach it accordingly.

You’re applying the same way as everyone else

If there’s an easy and obvious way to do things, chances are everyone else is doing it, too.

Everyone is zigging, but if you want to stand out you will need to zag.

Part of standing out from the competition is doing things differently, so that means not going through the easy motions of point-click-apply online for every position you see (because this isn’t online dating, is it?).

You’re listening to the nay-sayers who say that you haven’t yet worked long enough to move on to bigger and better things

You’ve heard her…the nurse approaching retirement who has a lot to say about your goals if you mention them.

You need to work 2 years in med/surg before applying to the ICU. NP school? You need at least 5 years of bedside experience first. L&D nurses never leave so don’t even bother trying to apply.

Don’t let her voice become your internal monologue. This is YOUR journey and what you need is a cheerleader, not a Negative Nancy.

You’re not investing in preparing and polishing yourself

Applying for a job (especially your dream job) has the potential for a huge reward, so wouldn’t it make sense to put in as much effort as possible to increase your odds?

Take the time and make the investment needed to make your appearance on the outside match your passion on the inside!

(And I’m not just talking about looking nice for your interview – you want an error-free, powerful resume, cover letter, and other documents to showcase your achievements and aptitude!)

I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

Even though we, as nurses, make up a huge portion of the workforce, not all of us will get the opportunity to celebrate having landed our dream job – it may remain an elusive unicorn.

A few people will get to live an incredibly fulfilling and rewarding career, while others will suffer from burnout and disenchantment.

And the main reason for this, as you’ve likely seen by now, is while the dream jobs exist and are there for the taking…

so many will struggle so much with knowing where to start…that they end up doing nothing at all.

But as long as you have a step-by-step plan, know how to stand out against the competition, and have someone cheering you on along the way rather than dragging you down, the path is paved for you to make your dreams a reality.

A reality that allows you to serve the profession to your ultimate potential, make a lasting impact on the lives of others, and create the freedom and space in your life to achieve balance for a long, accomplished career.

The key ingredient to this is knowing exactly how to harness your strengths, portray your passions, and confidently prepare yourself to apply to the job of your dreams.


And with your permission, that’s exactly what I’d LOVE to show you how to do.








Your prescription FOR discovering your strengths, portraying your passions, and confidently preparing yourself to apply for your dream nursing job.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from my near 10 years successful career as a nurse & nurse practitioner as well as my experience as a resume strategist and mentor for more than 700 nursing professionals and channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step program that not only teaches you HOW to figure out what your dream job may be, but the actual EXECUTION of how to go out and get hired.

 The Nursing Career Rx


is the only program of its kind that…

♦ Helps eliminate the overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to start by giving you a clear, stepwise path

♦ Shows you the unique ways to stand out against the competition through unique application processes and powerful supporting documents

♦ Cheers you on, encourages you, and celebrates your unique strengths and interests

♦ Teaches you the valuable skills of writing a killer resume and cover letter and confidently preparing for an interview 

So if you’re ready to finally hit submit rather than stalking your dream job from afar, here’s how we will get you there:

Module 1: Preparing Your Mindset

To set the foundation of your success path to your dream job, we will start with discovering the important mindset shifts that will prepare you with an overall positive outlook.

Here, you’ll explore how to discover your confidence as a nurse and learn how to be comfortable with hearing no (you’ll be surprised to hear that “no” will actually bring you closer to your dreams!).

Without a prepared, confident mindset, you can fall victim to negative self-talk and comparison, which can keep you stagnant and prevent you from taking action towards your goals.

  • Learn to harness what your strengths are and transform your weaknesses to become a confident believer in YOU
  • Discover the impact of putting positive energy into the world and how that can transform you as a nursing professional (and impact your career journey)
  • Apply the well-known Novice-Expert model to your personal career journey and learn to be comfortable with moving across that spectrum
  • Learn to not only be comfortable with rejection, but to actually look forward to hearing it!
  • Use my self-care guide and reading list to ensure implement the amazingly important good practice of taking time for yourself

Module 2: Discovering Your Nursing Self

You may not know what field you’re passionate about yet, and if you do you may need some validation that you’re making the right move.

Here you’ll explore your nursing strengths, your lifestyle motivators, and learn about different nursing settings to gain crystal clear clarity of your future path.

Without knowing what you are truly passionate about, you can find yourself applying for just any job, as opposed to getting laser focused and working towards finding THE right job for you.


  • Take my Strengths Finder quiz to gain clarity about where your bedside and leadership skills shine
  • Reflect on your personal and lifestyle motivators to create your picture perfect life outside of work
  • Discover different practice settings to figure out what specialty may allow you to live your ideal life – at work and at home

Module 3: Assessing & Researching the Nursing Climate in Your Community

Once you’ve discovered what specialty is the perfect one for you, it’s time to learn about the work options in your community.

Here you’ll assess the community where you live (or plan to work), discover the different practice settings in your community, and start to make a list of potential workplaces.

Many are tempted to simply research potential jobs using online job boards, but without properly assessing your community you’re guaranteed to miss out on some amazing opportunities that could be in your backyard!


  • Complete the Community Assessment checklist and start a long list of potential employers
  • Learn about the importance of networking in your community (and how to get started making connections)
  • Work through my foolproof 5-step job search and application process that is the complete opposite of what your competition is doing

Module 4: Applying for Your Dream Job

Now that you’ve found a job or two that lights you up inside, it’s time to get your documents together and apply!

Here you’ll learn how to efficiently organize your credentials and write a stellar résumé and cover letter that will leave the reader dialing your number before they are done reading it!

It can be tempted to put everything together quickly and hit send on that application, but it’s important to take the time to prepare and review your application so that your application matches the passion you feel inside!


  • Organize all your credentials and professional history in a centralized place so that you write your résumé and complete your application (without any tears!) and never miss a renewal deadline
  • Create an irresistible, visually stunning résumé that concisely showcases the accomplishments you’ve worked so hard to achieve
  • Craft a cover letter that leaves the reader eagerly waiting to meet you and learn more about what you have to offer
  • Learn the one thing that you can’t afford NOT to do before hitting send or upload

Module 5: Preparing for Your Interviews

You’ve impressed a hiring manager on paper and landed an interview! Now it’s time to show them – in person – what they can expect by hiring you.

Here you’ll learn how to prepare, what questions you may be asked, and how to close the deal.

Many people can make themselves look great on paper, but if you aren’t prepared to make a great impression in person, then the opportunity will be offered to another candidate.


  • Learn the things that matter (and those that don’t) when preparing for an interview
  • Review a list of common questions you may be asked and prepare a list of questions to ask them so that you get the information needed about whether this is the best opportunity for you
  • Appearance matters! Use my easy mix and match outfit builder to find the perfect outfit that’s likely already in your closet
  • How to follow up during the interview and after, including the one incredibly easy tactic that will have the interviewer thinking about you days after the interview

Module 6: Next Steps!

It’s time to wrap things up and get an idea of the next steps after receiving a job offer (or two!).

Here you’ll learn the basics of what aspects to consider in order to choose the best offer for you. You’ll also discover what it means to negotiate and how to do it without sweaty palms or a shaky voice.

Receiving a job offer is an incredibly feeling, but it’s important to take the time to consider all aspects of an offer before accepting something that may not be the best fit (or may not be offering what you’re worth).


  • Learn how to consider your job offers and how to know when officially even have an offer
  • Discover the basics of negotiation, and why it doesn’t simply mean asking for more money
  • Use my negotiation templates and job acceptance/decline templates to make sure you’re addressing the crucial aspects of this discussion
  • Get a crash course in employment benefits and learn which ones can actually matter more than the pay offer (and why you can’t afford NOT to consider them!)

Let me say this upfront:

The Nursing Career Rx is the most comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program for nursing professionals who are passionate and COMMITTED to discovering the career path that will lead to a long career of impact, fulfillment, and success.

I am 100% confident that the tools taught in this program will challenge your status quo and force you to examine what you want not only from your professional career but also what you want out of life. I believe that every nursing professional deserves to spend her valuable time, skills, and emotional energy in a job that leads to impact and and professional satisfaction.

Now here’s the kicker.

I don’t want you to have to wait a month before kinda, sorta, maybe gaining the clarity needed to move forward. Enroll right now, watch the first few modules, and come up with a long list of potential workplaces in your community that could have your dream job just waiting for you to apply for it.

If you don’t feel totally confident and motivated by your progress towards landing your dream nursing job, simply reach out to me at amanda@theresumerx.com, show me you’ve done the work, and I’ll refund your investment within the first 30 days after your enrollment.

here’s what you get when you enroll today:

♦ The Nursing Career Rx Digital Course- $797 Value

plus these exclusive bonuses!

Bonus #1: 7 Résumé Templates ($125 value)

You’ll have your choice of 7 of my most popular résumé and cover letter templates so that you don’t have to spend any time worrying about the layout or format of your résumé. Simply plug in your information, print, and you’re good to go!

Bonus #2: To Whom it May Concern Ebook ($57 value)

A 40+ page PDF guide filled with fill-in-the-blank scripts and instructions for writing every letter, email, or essay you’ll need to advance your career. This includes cover letters, thank you letters, job acceptance and decline letters, negotiation letters, resignation letters, personal statements, reference requests, and more!


Bonus #3: LIFETIME Membership to my exclusive community (value: $564/year)


Former students of the Nursing Career Rx asked for ongoing support and content even after the course is over and they’ve landed their dream jobs. THIS is the answer to that! I will be providing monthly support and content, and when you enroll you will get a lifetime membership to this community!


When you add it all up, that’s a value of more than


But when you enroll today in The Nursing Career Rx, you’ll get access to everything for just:

one time payment


Limited time discount!

Lifetime access.


Résumé Triage Video Review

Enroll before the deadline and get my feedback on your résumé and cover letter (a $125 value!)


Frequently Asked Questions

What others have asked before saying Heck Yes to The Nursing Career Rx

I’m not currently employed so I don’t have a ton of extra money to spend. How do I know if this course is the right investment for me?

I could say something here like “you have to spend money to make money,” but I really think that is gimmicky and doesn’t answer your question.

The fact is, if you don’t currently have a job, you are in a great position to put in the time and effort into going through this process and presenting your very best self so that you can soon find yourself with a job offer (or multiple!) that will help you secure a healthy, reliable source of income.

Better yet, you can use much of the information to position yourself in a place to command a higher salary than you originally expected!

And, as I stated before, if in the next 30 days you can show me that you’ve done the work but are not feeling super confident in your path to your dream career, I will refund your investment.


What if I already have a job?

If you are currently employed, even if it’s in a job you love, it’s not likely that this will be the job you have until you retire!

You may find that your current job leaves you unfulfilled and isn’t aligned with your passions, in which case The Nursing Career Rx will help you discover what you’re passionate about and show you how to go out and find the job that matches your interests.

If you’re in a position that you love, then hopefully you will have the opportunity to continue to advance in your field. This means you will need to know how you confidently present yourself on paper (via a résumé and cover letter) and in person (via an interview). Additionally, learning about how to consider job offers and negotiate your worth is an invaluable skill that you should carry with you throughout your career.

Can’t I land my dream job through just applying to postings online?

Sure, I’m not saying that isn’t possible, however the things you will learn in The Nursing Career Rx will position you to not only stand out from your competition but also discover unique, incredibly powerful ways to find job opportunities that may not be appearing online.

What if I’m still in school and not ready to apply yet?

Awesome! The Nursing Career Rx serves as the perfect complement to your nursing school education (and will likely fill in a lot of gaps about the career-related stuff!). Even if you’re not ready to submit any applications, it’s never too early to start tracking your accomplishments and think about where you want your nursing career to start.

Couldn’t I just use this money to hire someone to write my resume for me?

Sure you could! And to be honest, while I would love to have the bandwidth to be able to write all of my students resumes for them, I honestly would rather you learn and develop this skill set so that you can take it with you throughout your career. You will have more than one job and need more than one resume and I want you to feel free to make those shifts at the right time for you because you know how to navigate the process on your own.

This is YOUR journey, and I want to be here to help hold your hand while showing you the path - not walk the path for you.

What will I have access to when I sign up today? How long will I have access to it?

Everything! The entire course is available so that you can go through it at your own pace. Your enrollment includes lifetime access (but hopefully you’ll only need to reference it until you get close to retiring 😉

When you sign up today you will also get lifetime membership into my exclusive community where I release new content on a weekly basis, and you will have full access to all resources there, past, present, and upcoming.

What’s your refund policy?

I can’t guarantee your personal success, as so much of that will be determined by your determination and the effort you put forth.

However, if you don’t feel totally confident and motivated by your progress towards landing your dream nursing job, simply reach out to me at amanda@theresumerx.com, show me you’ve done the work, and I’ll refund your investment within the first 30 days of your enrollment.

Can you remind me of everything I get when I sign up today?

Yes! When you sign up for The Nursing Career Rx you'll get immediate access to a transformative program that will help you discover your nursing passions and confidently prepare yourself to apply for the job of your dreams.

You'll have access to six training modules that are a combination of audio, video, and workbook exercises. You'll also have access to 3 fantastic bonuses including 7 of my résumé templates, my eBook of letter templates, and LIFETIME membership into my exclusive members-only community.



» You’ve identified what area of nursing you’re passionate about but you just can’t figure out the path of how to enter that specialty…and so you’re stuck doing nothing at all.

» You KNOW that you want a fulfilling, impactful career that will leave you avoiding nurse burnout and living your ideal life outside of work as well.

» You are already searching job boards at least an hour per week and applying to positions.

» You truly feel that you can serve patients in an impactful, lasting way, and you refuse to watch your competitors snatch up all the positions you lust after.

» You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and do the work. In fact, you’re totally excited to put in the time, knowing that every action brings you closer to your dream career.

» You’re willing to invest time in yourself and focus on progressing through this course over the next 4-6 weeks, knowing that all your a-ha moments and discoveries will be totally worth it when you’ve applied to some ideal positions and start scheduling those interviews.

» You don’t mind having some fun now and then and understand that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously, but we should prioritize crafting it to be one that we look forward to every day – and you welcome the idea of engaging with a passionate group of like-minded nursing professionals.

So if any of the above resonates with you then I cannot wait to meet you inside of The Nursing Career Rx.