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[VIDEO] How to Keep Track of Your Nurse Practitioner Renewals

Amanda Guarniere
I recently released a few videos all about credentialing. Check out the basics of credentialing and the video tutorial of my credentialing portfolio, if you haven’t already.


The reason why I’m spending so much time going over the details of credentialing is because it is incredibly important. 


It’s something that is absolutely essential for you to be employed, and it’s also something that can be a nightmare if you don’t keep up with renewals and requirements. 


This week, I’m talking all about strategies you can use to keep up with tracking your nurse practitioner renewals (for your certifications and licenses).


In this video, you’ll learn:

  • The different things that will need renewal, and why you don’t want to miss a date
  • How to keep track of your renewal dates regardless of whether you’re a digital or pen & paper person
  • An easy way to keep everything “at-a-glance,” and how this will save you time when starting a new job

Now that you know why it’s important to be a credential organization rockstar, be sure to downloaded my free Nurse Practitioner Graduation Survival Kit, which includes an outline and glossary of all the different credentialing elements as well as a graduation timeline!