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[VIDEO] What the Heck is Credentialing?

Amanda Guarniere

Have you heard this word over and over but are not quite sure what the heck it means? You’re not alone! Credentialing is one of those elusive terms that everyone is expected to understand, but few actually do. Let me break down the basics of credentialing, and specifically show you what YOU are responsible for versus what your EMPLOYER is responsible for!


Take a deep breath, I got you!


In this video, you’ll learn:


  • The actual definition of credentialing, and what it allows you to do
  • What you are responsible for, and the timeline you should be following
  • The employer side of the credentialing process, and how it affects your start date timeline!


(speaking of timelines – don’t forget to check out my NP Graduation Survival Kit – free download below the video!)

Phew. Now that you have a better understanding of the credentialing process, go ahead and download my free Nurse Practitioner Graduation Survival Kit, which includes an outline and glossary of all the different nurse practitioner credentialing elements as well as a graduation timeline! Yeah!