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Gifts for Nurses: The 2024 Ultimate Guide (with stuff under $20, and even $10!)

Amanda Guarniere

If you’re buying gifts for nurses…good luck trying to find something original or actually practical.

To be honest, gifts are not my love language. I don’t much care for giving or receiving gifts (weird, I know). 

This means that I rely on well-researched gift guides, and often recommendations of others, to decide what to buy as gifts for my fellow nurses. I recently decided to start sharing new products or things I enjoy the most with my audience as well on my Amazon storefront page. Feel free to check it out in addition to these, and don’t forget to follow me there as well. 

I never know what to give my nurse besties, and I also never know what to tell my family when they ask what I’d like as a gift. So, here are 20 perfect gifts for nurses in your life. I hope you find something you love for someone you love…even if that someone is you!

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1. Kicking things off with a cute and powerful nurse bottle opener. It’s true, everyone is safer with a nurse! 

2. If you’ve ever known the misery of cracked or discolored stethoscope tubing, you’ll be really excited to get your hands on a scopeskin – a washable neoprene protector for your scope (and your skin). 

3. Can you imagine a non-medical person showing up to your house for the first time and finding a stuffed bodily organ on your bed or armchair? That experience can be YOURS with one of these colons from I Heart Guts (don’t worry, almost all organs are represented in plush and stickers). 

4. Here’s a perfectly practical gift that’s great for someone in a hospital OR outpatient setting. This bag has tons of pockets, convertible options, and is top-rated by purchasers! 

5. Want to add some nurse flair to your cups or laptop? Consider gifting some cute and creative nurse stickers that you can share and place all over (bonus, they are waterproof!).

6. Another practical gift! This trendy waterproof backpack is another top-rated item, it comes in a variety of fun colors and even includes a charger port for your electronic devices! 

7. For the new grad or super organized professional, this stethoscope and supply carrying case is adorable. I’ll be keeping my syringe pens in the teal blue one, thank you very much!

8. Looking to get your day-to-day schedule organized? Create an account first and then check out the amazing Erin Condren planners (the Life Planners are a popular item) to get your schedule on track! 

9. If you find yourself coloring on your days off, why not color in this nurse coloring book? Warning: this is the “sweary midnight edition” and NOT safe for work.

10. For the coffee or tea drinker enthusiasts, check out this cute lavish nurse coffee mug! It is a perfect gift for any occasion. 



11. This washable scrubs bag from STNKY.US is perfect for dealing with your clothes after a long shift, especially when you’ve been working in a COVID unit! Use my code RX25 at checkout for 25% off your order.

12. I adore this cute and lavish nurse thermos. The nutritional fact breakdown is pretty accurate!

13. Every good nurse loves a good tee, especially when it inspires other nurses! Check out these t-shirts and other fun gifts from Nurses Inspire Nurses.

14. What’s better than a cute and colorful hair tie? 100 cute and colorful hair ties!

15. Something tells me atrial fibrillation sounds so much cooler through the ear pieces of this rose gold stethoscope. 

16. My go-to water delivery device. Also serves as a weapon while walking to your car alone at night.

17. Everyone knows that there is no wrath like that of a nurse who had her favorite pen stolen. I have this Retro pen myself and it’s certainly my favorite! Plus, it writes so smooth.

18. Continuing the colorful theme – how about a rainbow pair of bandage scissors??

19. These colorful socks are the perfect gift for that fun-loving nurse in your life!

20. Recently, Force of Nature reached to me and asked if I wanted to try their starter kit. I said yes, of course, and I’m super impressed with this cleaner!! The cleaner is an all-in-one cleaner, disinfectant, and deodorizer, and works tremendously well. Using non-toxic cleaners is important to me as a health-conscious parent, but killing germs is just as important…for the same reasons. Force of Nature checks all the boxes! You can get 30% off your Force of Nature kits and bundles with the code THERESUMERX.


BONUS! If you (or your nurse bestie) feel as though a new job, a promotion up the clinical ladder, or getting into grad school could be the best gift ever, take a look at my résumé templates, online courses, and more!



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