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National Nurse Week Discounts

Amanda Guarniere

Are you familiar with discounts associated with nursing week deals? You can read about national nurse week discounts here in this detailed guide.

Are you about to start a career in nursing or thinking about changing careers? Choosing to work in one of the most rewarding careers in the world is a fantastic decision. However, choosing to start a career requires careful planning, and that includes budgeting for your training and certification.

However, you would be far from alone. There are 4.3 million registered nurses in the United States.

If you are thinking about starting a career in nursing and want to make it happen, then you need to consider how much it will cost you. Thankfully there are key National Nurse Week discounts available, so you can start your journey towards becoming a nurse without worrying about money.

Read on to learn about some key discounts on nursing school training.

When is Nurses Week 2024?

Next year, Nurses Week is planned to be between May 6-12, 2024. It is right after Cinco de Mayo and right around Mother’s Day weekend.

National Nurses Appreciation Week

This is a time to thank all of the nurses who are working on the front lines. The last couple of years have been especially difficult for people in this field.

However, nurses have shown their perseverance and what they can do when they look out for the best interests of the community. As a thank you for this dedication and perseverance, several companies typically offer these nurses free or discounted items from their business.

The following companies are ones that usually participate in honoring nurses and having Nurses Week deals.


One of the largest cellphone service companies in America is getting in on the action. Verizon offers discounts on phone plans for nurses.

If they have one phone, then they get a discount of $10 per month. If they have 2-3 phones with Verizon, then the discount is $25 per month.

Then, if you have four or more phones with Verizon, the discount is $20 per month. The catch with this is if the phones are unlimited plans. The reason this is relevant is that Verizon claims that rates are lower already if they have an unlimited plan than some of the above.

All Seasons Uniforms

Another company that is participating in nursing week deals is All Seasons Uniforms. The way that they are giving back to nurses is that they are offering them a discount on uniforms that they make on them.

Last year, the company offered a 20% discount on all medical uniforms for registered nurses. Next year, you can expect something similar. There was a code to retrieve this discount last year, so be on the lookout for the one to get next year’s discount.


One of the largest sneaker companies in the world also offers discounts on their sneakers for nurses. As long as you can verify your identification, nurses can get a 30% discount off of any sneaker available on their website.

This is one of the most heavily discounted items on the board, so keep this one in mind if you are a nurse who needs sneakers.


If you think Adidas has a heavy sneaker discount, then ASICS could be one of the few companies that can top that for nurses. This company typically offers a 40% discount to anyone who is a registered nurse.

So, this could be another company to consider buying sneakers from if you are a nurse.


This is a clothing company that offers discounts to anyone they consider to be working in a hero profession. This includes military members, first responders, and of course, nurses.

So, how much can nurses save on clothing items with this company? The answer is that they get a 25% discount.

Pieology Pizza

This pizzeria, located in Stamford, CT, also offers everyday heroes a discount once a year. Last year, during nurses week, Pieology Pizza offered nurses and teachers a 20% discount on almost every food item in their pizzeria.

For those who are looking to get a pizza pie or even a salad, this can be a great way to get one at a discount.


This phone company has an entire program dedicated to providing discounts to first responders. This includes nurses, police, firefighters, paramedics, and other medical professionals.

Samsung gives these people an opportunity to save up to 30% on phones and other merchandise that they produce. If you are in the market for an Android phone, this may be the place to do it as a nurse.


Sneaker companies seem to go to the extreme to offer nurses the discount that they deserve. The others above offered 30-40% off of their products.

Well, Skechers has offered up to 50% off of their products for all healthcare employees. You can go from paying $100 for a pair of sneakers to $50.

Take advantage of this and see which sneakers are right for you.

Dagne Dover

In 2022, Dagne Dover also got in on the action by offering nurses great discounts on their products. As a thank-you for everything that they do, the company offers nurses 20% off of all of their products.

They also do this for military members. So, if you are looking for a bag or a purse at an affordable price, consider looking at this company to save a little money on that item.


For 2024, The brand is inviting healthcare professionals to sign up for a chance to receive free burritos in celebration of National Nurses Week. A total of 100,000 verified healthcare workers will receive free burrito e-cards, equivalent to over $1 million in free Chipotle.

Chipotle will launch a MICROSITE where healthcare professionals can enter to win a free burrito e-card from May 6 through May 10.

Selina Hotels

If you are familiar with this hotel chain, then you know that they like to work with nurses. Well, if it is anything like last year, you may be in luck as a nurse here.

Last year, they offered a giveaway to stays on their property that was exclusive to registered nurses working in the United States. There were three main prizes given out there.

The grand prize was 30 nights of accommodation at any hotel in the chain. The second prize was a 7-night stay at any of their locations. The third prize was a 2-night stay at any of their locations.

Assuming that they do a similar giveaway next year, this could be something worth keeping an eye on if you wish to win a free vacation.

Outback Steakhouse

Are you craving a steak as a nurse? If so, Outback Steakhouse could be the place for you to go.

This discount is not just limited to nurses, but to any medical professional with a valid ID. Here, you are eligible to get a 10% discount on your entire check.

If you are a nurse who wants steak or just wants to take the family out for a decent meal, this may be the opportunity that you need to jump on.


We have talked a lot about sneaker brands being friendly to nurses and other healthcare workers here. Well, add Puma to the list.

This sneaker company offers a discount for all healthcare workers. They offer 20% off of all of their products for any healthcare worker in the United States.

Boston Red Sox

Are you from the Boston area? Are you a big Red Sox fan? Are you a nurse?

If you said yes to all of these questions, you may want to keep your eye out for this team’s events in 2023. That is because the Red Sox hosted a Nurse Night at one of their home games this season.

It has been going on for six years now, so it is likely to happen sometime in May 2023 for the seventh annual night.


Speaking of sneaker companies being friendly to nurses, you cannot forget Reebok. This is another company that offers huge discounts to all nurses that have valid identification.

Assuming that you have this, you have the opportunity to get 50% off of all online orders on Reebok’s website. If you are a nurse with a valid ID, definitely take advantage of this deal.

Get Your National Nurse Week Discounts

These are just some of the National Nurse Week discounts that could be available in 2023. If you notice above, there are a particularly large number of sneaker companies that participate in this.

However, do not be limited by that and look at all companies in the United States that are out there supporting nurses. There could be some smaller companies not mentioned on this list.

Do you want to land a nursing job and get these benefits? Shop for our services today.



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