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[VIDEO] Alphabet Soup: How to List Your Nursing Credentials

Amanda Guarniere

I’ve discussed this a few times before, but one of my biggest pet peeves is when nursing professionals have NO IDEA how to list the letters after their name.

I see the errors everywhere. 


On lab coats.


Business cards.


Journal publications.


I’m breaking things down for you in an easy way in my latest video on how to list your nursing credentials:




 So, to recap, here’s the order that you list your credentials:

1. Degree


2. License


3. Certification


There are certain things that cancel other things out. No need to list both your Bachelor and Master’s degrees; go with the highest degree, unless they are different but related. If you are an advanced practice nurse, you no longer list your RN. 


Let me know any questions below, or feel free to practice with your current (or anticipated) alphabet soup!