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Chipotle Nurses Week 2022: How To Get Free Burritos Giveaway

Amanda Guarniere

Chipotle is widely recognized as one of the healthier fast food options, thanks to fresh ingredients from local farms. And thanks to its affordability, it has become the go-to lunch for many busy professionals across the country, healthcare workers included.

Aside from being famous for healthy fast food, they are also famous for giving out a lot of free food. And in 2022, they are giving out free burritos to thousands of nurses, for a whole year.

Chipotle Nurses Week is Chipotle’s recognition of healthcare heroes, who have poured themselves out for the people of this nation over the past few years.

But what exactly is it, and how can you win free burritos (or bowls) for a year? Keep reading below to learn now.

Nominate Your Healthcare Hero

Chipotle is providing 2,000 healthcare heroes with free Chipotle for one year. In order to win, healthcare workers need to be nominated.

Between April 28, 2022, and May 6, 2022, anyone can nominate their favorite healthcare worker. To nominate, you’ll need to tag them on one of Chipotle’s social media channels; Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Provide a bit of information on the hero you are nominating. You are welcome to brag about them, but don’t need to for them to win, as winners will be selected randomly. 

And yes, you can nominate yourself if you are a nurse or other qualified healthcare worker.

Chipotle Nurses Week Giveaway Rules

The nomination period ends May 6, 2022. On May 9, Chipotle began randomly selecting healthcare heroes who were tagged in the giveaway. 

The winners will be notified via direct message on that platform.

While the giveaway occurred during Nurses Week, nominees could be healthcare workers from many disciplines. This includes registered nurses, travel nurses, nursing assistants, doctors, dentists, lab technicians, and many other types of healthcare workers.

Winners would then receive one free Chipotle meal per week, for 52 weeks.

In total, free Chipotle for nurses and other healthcare workers was worth over $1 million. This was the largest “free food for a year” giveaway that Chipotle had done before. 

Just another great reason to get a nursing job.

Chipotle Nurses Appreciation

In May 2022, Chipotle also ran its Real Change program, which allows customers to round up their purchases and donate to charity. The American Nurses Foundation was the recipient up until May 31 of all round-ups. 

Chipotle also released a special version of its gift card, where 10% of purchases were donated to the same organization. 

The total amount donated by Chipotle (thanks to its customers) was over $400,000

Future Chipotle Sweepstakes

It’s clear that in the wake of the pandemic, Chipotle stepped up in support of healthcare workers. But is the trend over, or can we expect another Chipotle Nurses Week Giveaway in 2023?

Time will tell. But each year, there are countless fundraising events and giveaways for nurses during National Nurses Week.

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