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Nursing Career Coach: How To Find The Best One For You

Amanda Guarniere

Because why not hire an expert so you can focus your energy on becoming one! Here’s my list of best resume writers and career coaches for nurses! We’ve all had a lot of free time on our hands these last few months. I know I have at least! And time spent not thinking about work, family, and the things that still need to be done around the house is spent thinking about what I can do better, both as a nurse practitioner and as the CEO of this business.  This business grew out of a tiny seed of an idea 2 years ago after a similar, but much less severe period of downtime when I went part-time to be home more with my kiddos. And now, with a bit more headspace to dedicate to dreaming, I’ve been thinking about how to continue to grow in this role. But more importantly, how to continue to be one of the biggest supporters in your search for your perfect role!  At The Resume Rx, we focus on resume templates, online courses, and resources for nurses and nurse practitioners. And while we feel we are pretty great at what we do (humble bragging because sometimes patting yourself on the back is okay!), we also fully recognize and respect that the help we offer may not be the best fit for everyone. We are also huge proponents of community and collaboration as opposed to competition.

A Community of Nurses for Nurses

There is a wonderful, ever-growing community of nurses and nurse practitioners offering resume services, career support and mentorship. And to take advantage of what they offer, you don’t even have to leave your house! In this post, I will offer some additional resources for the best resume writers and career support specialists. I know I have learned a lot from each of these creators — and I’m sure you will too! First up, let’s take a look at some nurse resume writers. I first got into resume writing because I saw a need that I knew I could fill. I actually never knew that it was a struggle for others because it had always come easily to me. Here are some other nurses who are experts in the résumé writing arena.

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Sara at The RN Resume

Sara has been a nurse for 15 years with many of those years in a leadership role. Her experience on both sides of the table makes her a great choice when it comes to writing outstanding résumés! She’s passionate about helping all nurses (and nurse practitioners!) with their résumés and cover letters. Book a consultation with her at www.thernresume.com and don’t forget to tell her that we sent you 🙂
You can also follow her on Instagram here.

Ashley and Chelsea of The ReNegade Résumé

Ashley is a board-certified pediatric primary care NP pediatric clinical faculty at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. And Chelsea is a RN in the neonatal intensive care unit at New York Presbyterian. Their expertise in the nursing field is evident in their resume, cover letter, and personal statement writing services, as well as interview preparation and career management services. Not only are they well-equipped to help you land your dream job or nail that upcoming interview, they will put in the work while putting you and your goals first! You can follow them on Instagram here!

Veronica at The Clinician Life

Veronica is a nurse practitioner and mom of two girls. Not only does she help NPs and nursing professionals with custom résumé writing, she also offers interview coaching, grad school prep, and more!  You can find her (and her dog Yoda!) on Instagram here!

Polish 2 Prosper

Joanie and Tanya at Polish 2 Prosper use their expertise to help all healthcare professionals make a lasting impression with their résumé writing service! They also offer interview and career coaching, LinkedIn profile writing, small business consulting, as well as other great resources for nurses and healthcare professionals.

Rosa at Career Steering

Need a résumé for an executive level job? Maybe you’re looking to apply for a federal job and just don’t know where to start when it comes to your résumé? Rosa at Career Steering has over 15 years of experience in résumé writing to help! She and her team are a top-rated executive résumé service that can help you stand out and land that job! For those who aren’t in the healthcare industry, we highly recommend The Résumé Chic or My Professional Agenda for custom résumé services! You can also check out The Muse which has a great hub of coaches and résumé writers!

Next, let’s look at career support for nurses

When I was just starting out as a healthcare provider, I knew I could rely on the skills I had developed during my studies. But, when it came to guidance on navigating the professional world, I didn’t feel as prepared. It took many conversations with a mentor to realize what it was I wanted out of my work. Thankfully, one of my former professors was available to answer all my questions and point me in the right direction. But, I realize that may not be the case for everyone. Don’t worry. I’ve got your back. For my RNs hoping to level up: 

Tiffany at New Nurse Academy 

Tiffany is a clinical nurse educator — that means if you have a question about nursing, she’s likely got an answer. She’s a certified Nurse Professional Development Specialist and Certified Pediatric Nurse — and a wonderful resource for nurses seeking preparatory help for the NCLEX. In addition to her professional experience, she also understands the important role of diversity in the healthcare world and is dedicated to uplifting the next generation of nurses and educators through her Change of Shift Community. Through the online community, she’s created a space for digging into the hard questions, finding accountability and learning from shared experiences. One of her main focuses is teaching her clients how to be their own advocate, knowing the value of their skills and owning their expertise. 

Sharrica at Starter Nurse Academy 

Sharrica has been in the medical field for the last 15 years. Through the Starter Nurse Academy, she offers resume and interview support to new nurses through a series of online courses. The course curriculum is developed by highly-qualified educators to equip new nurses with the skills needed to succeed during the first five years at the bedside. Sharrica also offers one-on-one coaching sessions for nurses. These sessions help those navigating the nursing school application process, the post-grad job search, applying to grad school, and career or specialty changes. Sign me up!

Sarah at New Thing Nurse 

Sarah is a certified emergency nurse with a specialization in clinical nurse leadership. For the last three years, she has been working to help nurses of all ages and levels of experience accomplish their academic, professional and personal goals through supportive coaching and advisement. Through New Thing Nurse, Sarah provides resume writing services, academic direction for clients looking to go back to school, and career and interview coaching to help her clients land their dream jobs. In addition to serving the nursing community, Sarah also helps prepare the wider healthcare community, including law enforcement officers, mental health providers, and CNAs for work in wellness. (A bonus: Sarah started the PPE care package project a few months ago. She and her team have donated over 1,000 masks and 1,500 pairs of gloves to hospitals and clinics across the country. How cool is that!) 

Keith with Nurse Keith Coaching

Keith has been a nurse since 1996. You guys…that is almost 25 years of nursing experience he can draw from! He is well-versed in home health, community health, case management, public health, hospice, and nursing education. As a Board-Certified Nurse Coach, Keith offers individual coaching sessions, one-on-one professional development and career planning retreats, and LinkedIn profile optimization services. His coaching sessions are hosted by phone or on Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype, but Keith also offers a unique email-based coaching package for clients who are looking for an accountability partner and career coach without the fancy coaching package, as he calls it. 

Lorna at LB Career Coaching

Lorna is a LPN who is out there coaching women and helping them go after their dreams! She specializes in résumé editing and writing, interview prep, as well as interview styling. She seriously is *quite* the fashionista. Follow her on Instagram for inspiration, motivation, and great resources and tips. Next up, my CRNAs looking to make waves:  

Charnelle aka Nurse Nelle

Nelle is a doctorate-prepared CRNA working in a private practice clinic. She’s your go-to girl for all things CRNA-related. She caters to CRNAs looking for help navigating the professional world by providing education, resources, and mentorship to prospective and current CRNA students. Charnelle is all about authenticity, investing in the next generation of healthcare providers, and utilizing modern technologies to innovate and dream. She currently offers professional development services from resume and personal statement editing to mock interviews. She also offers strategy sessions aimed at identifying specific challenges that may come up. And, she helps you develop an action plan to put your strategy to work for you! You can subscribe to her YouTube channel here Next up, for my NPs who need a bit more guidance: 

Nadia from Rockstar NPs

Nadia is a NP and author of The Ultimate Nurse Practitioner Guidebook. She’s also the woman behind Rockstar NPs, a one-on-one coaching service dedicated to preparing nurse practitioner students for the workforce and current nurse practitioners for their perfect-fit jobs! Nadia’s passion for the field and her experience learning the ins and outs of what it means to be a nurse practitioner make her a stand-out resource for current and future NPs. And who wouldn’t want to be a rockstar! 

Monica aka Monica the NP

One of Monica’s big selling points is her Compensation Course. It’s all about knowing your worth (like we learned with Tiffany from New Nurse Academy) and monetizing it accordingly! Who wouldn’t want to make more money for the same work? Cha-ching! Monica’s course is the premier guide to negotiating your way to the job of your dreams. Through this course, you’ll learn the four main obstacles NPs face when searching for their perfect fit. You’ll also learn proven methodologies, strategies and terminology that can be used to increase your salary and improve your overall compensation package. The proof is in the practice! Utilizing these methodologies, Monica was able to increase her own salary by more than $50,000! Are you sold yet? I am!  You can follow Monica on Instagram here for updates about the course, discounted rates and pictures of her adorable triplets! 

Liz of Real World NP

Liz is focused on providing real-world (?) advice for new nurse practitioners through mentorship, online courses, and weekly video practice tips designed to prepare new nurse practitioners to thrive in their work. On her website, she writes that she helps new grads stop saying “what did I get myself into?” and start saying “I got this.” I love that! Liz offers weekly one-on-one mentor sessions — the perfect space for asking all the “dumb” questions (no such thing!), looking over patient cases, discussing next steps, whatever it is that you need! She even offers a crash course in lab interpretation, complete with a 5-module system and “when to worry” cheat sheets. How amazing is that?   

Shira of Branch Career Coaching

Shira Page is an NP who has had anything but a conventional career page. She offers one-on-one career coaching services to NPs (and all clinicians) looking to pivot out of traditional clinical roles and into something new. Her services are offered as one convenient package or a-la-carte. You can watch my interview with Shira on YouTube here and book a free intro call with her through the link here.
Lastly (but certainly not least!), for travel nurses, we always recommend looking to:

Sarah at The Travel Nurse

Sarah has been working as a travel nurse since 2015. Over the last five years, she’s learned the ins and outs of travel nursing. Because her main goal is to empower and educate other nurses, she started The Travel Nurse as a way to share what she’s learned about maximizing her income, working less, and traveling more. What is not to love? Through her program, The Travel Nurse Course, Sarah offers valuable insights into the daily life of a travel nurse. You’ll also get access to a community of nurses with common interests and goals, and mentorship and support through the course’s messaging platform.  Her travel photos are breathtaking and reason enough to follow her on Instagram! You can find her and her travel nursing tips here

Irnise at Your Nurse Lawyer

Get all your legal questions answered by Irnise at Your Nurse Lawyer. Irnise can help with medical malpractice consulting, business formation, contract review, and more. Check her out on her website, Instagram, and even my podcast, Nurse Becoming!

Sadie at The Remote Nurse

For anyone looking to learn the ins and outs of nursing-from-home, Sadie at The Remote Nurse is where to learn. Sadie posts job opportunities daily and also has programs to help you stand out for highly competitive remote positions, which you can receive through her Remote Nurse Nurse Membership and more. Check her out at The Remote Nurse!

I hope this list of resume writers and mentors has been helpful to you.

The TRRX team is rooting for you every step of the way! 


  1. Tina Delph

    Is there a person that I can pay to overhaul my resume for remote nursing? I’m coming out of long-term care LPN of 20 yrs exp and I need help fixing my resume to get thru these ats can you please help mei don’t know who else to ask.

    • Nadia

      Hi Tina, thanks so much for your question!
      We recommend reaching out to any of the above résumé writers with this question, and we are confident any of them would be a great resource for your request.
      Their websites are all linked in their name and headings.
      We wish you the best of luck!

      Team Résumé Rx

  2. ally

    Hi there,
    I am a very seasoned nurse burned out in my specialty ( diabetes). Have been in ambulatory care for 20 plus years looking to get back to the bedside. I need assistance.

    • Nadia

      Hi Ally,

      Feel free to reach out to any of our recommended nurse career coaches or writers from this post, and I am sure they would be more than happy to assist! 🙂

      Team Résumé Rx


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