The Nurse Becoming Podcast 

#121. Becoming a Nurse Podcaster with Dr. Sandra Pagenta

If you’re a nurse looking for business ideas or you’re interested in becoming a creator or entrepreneur in the online world, we put together an inspiring podcast episode for you today!

After getting fired from her NP position, Dr. Sandra Pagenta decided to do something radically different from other nurses in the space. 

She decided to follow her calling.

Meet Dr. Sandra Pagenta, DNP, APN, wife, mama, and host of the Doctor Nurse Podcast!

In today’s episode, Dr. Sandra Pagenta and I discuss:

  • The journey from RN to NP in urology and how she got over making a medication error.
  • The bold decision Sandra made after getting let go for budget issues.
  • How Sandra went from burned-out new mom to part-time NP, podcast host, and businesswoman.
  • The “woah” statement 😳 her boss made that ultimately empowered her to start the Doctor Nurse Podcast.
  • Why listening to the Doctor Nurse podcast can help you.
  • Abundance mindset mentality and more!



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