The Nurse Becoming Podcast 

#118. Should NPs Start in Specialty Practice? With Dr. G the NP

 Should NPs Start in Specialty Practice? 

^ This HOT topic is a must-listen for Nurse Practitioners!Cardiology NP and Professor, Tranise Goodlow, aka Dr. G the NP is in the house to help you decide if it’s a “good” or “right” idea for NPs to start off in specialties.

There’s a lot to consider here, and you may be surprised by the viewpoints presented in this discussion.

In today’s episode, Dr. G the NP and I chatted about:

  • Tranise’s nursing journey and how she got into cardiology.
  • Should NPs be starting off in specialty programs? 
  • Why and How Tranise started her platform, Dr. G the NP
  • How Dr. G balances everything from being a full time nurse practitioner,  business owner, and a mom
  • Dr. G’s advice to NPs
  • What’s next? Big dreams and goals coming up on the horizon



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