The Nurse Becoming Podcast 

#114. BEST OF: New Grad Nurses AAA

Advice that every new grad nurse needs to hear? Here’s what I’ve learned:

There is absolutely no shame in having hundreds of questions post-graduation, because being a new nurse is overwhelming. 

Most new grads I hear from are busy right now scanning job boards, applying to graduate school, and trying to soak up at least some of their summer break (which, you deserve!)

So I thought, there’s no better way to support recent graduates right now than to bring back this well-timed “Best Of Nurse Becoming Podcast” episode: New Grad Nurses, Ask Amanda Anything!

In this “Best Of” episode, I’m answering your questions:

  • As a student nurse, what can I do now that I can add to my résumé that will make me stand out when applying for jobs?
  • Should you include your high school diploma information? What about your GPA?
  • Should I include details under my clinical rotations?
  • How do I include non-healthcare work on my résumé?

I also answer a couple of frequently asked questions about how to navigate the job search process as a new graduate nurse.


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