The Nurse Becoming Podcast 

#047 Fighting Workplace Harassment with McKinley, CEO of Anita

On today’s podcast episode, we’re talking about a heavy, more emotionally-charged topic: workplace harassment. 

I know this topic may be a bit out of the ordinary from what you’d normally hear from me, but this is an important conversation I’ve been wanting to have for a long time.

My guest today is McKinley Hindi, CEO and founder of Anita. 

Her expertise spans international business, national politics and technology. She is a Leader 50 member, and a founding board member of AnnieCannons, a nonprofit transforming survivors of human trafficking into software professionals.

McKinley’s personal experiences struggling with harassment in multiple professional environments compelled her to create a nuanced tool for documenting harassment experiences. This experience inspired the web-based app, Anita. 

In this eye-opening interview, McKinley and I discuss:

  • Defining workplace harassment and unlearning our preconceived notions of harassment
  • McKinley’s powerful Why and the “One Moment” where she knew she wanted to empower the individuals who are experiencing workplace harassment.
  • The Power Hierarchy built into the medical field…
    💜 McKinley shared very openly about her experiences trying to secure her “seat at the table” amidst being on the receiving end of harassment.
  • Categories and examples of harassment that are commonly overlooked.
  • The different shades of harassment and how factors of age, race, and gender dynamics contribute to microaggressions in the workplace.
  • How intentionally-designed data reporting and documentation software like Anita is facilitating real-world change in supporting the human over the enterprise.
  • Plus, insightful questions from you, my Instagram community!


  • Discover app.myanita.io – your ally against workplace harassment
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