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#045 Networking Secrets Part 2 – How to Deepen Relationships

Welcome to Networking Secrets Part 2! If you missed last week’s episode, I definitely recommend going back and giving that a listen. →  Listen to Ep. 44: Networking Secrets Pt. 1 Here

Today’s focus is all about HOW to network, and specifically how to deepen the networking relationship with someone. 

The method I share will help you achieve this, AND will give you a headstart towards turning a total stranger into a mentor.

Is that too bold a claim? You’ll have to listen to find out! In Part 2, I share:

  • The Networking Relationship Boomerang Method that leads to deeper connection, better advice, better value and ultimately better positioning of both of you within the relationship.
  • How to initiate a conversation with someone in your network.
  • What and how to implement their guidance so that you both receive a win.
  • Recommendations to successfully play the “long game” of networking.



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