The Nurse Becoming Podcast 

#038 Navigating the Job Search While Pregnant [Ask Amanda Anything]

Recently on my Ask Amanda Anything series over on instagram, I received a great question from one of my students that I thought warranted its own episode: How do you navigate the job search or transition into a new nursing role while pregnant? 

My first pregnancy was a twin pregnancy while I was working as an NP in the ER, and let me tell you – it’s one thing to focus your attention and energy on job hunting and a whole other to do that while also expecting a baby! ? 

Each exciting endeavor will present their own unique challenges and opportunities that will need to be thought through carefully. But don’t let any of this deter you! To help you in feeling more confident and prepared as you move forward into this new season of your life, I’ve broken down today’s podcast into three main areas:

  1. Interviewing while pregnant
  2. Transitioning to the NP role during this big life change

  3. Navigating maternity leave in your current role 

More specifically, I share with you:

  • My first pregnancy experience as an (and how my pre-labour plans got disrupted)
  • When to disclose that you’re pregnant in the workplace
  • What to take into consideration from your employer’s side (and how to think through their potential objections)
  • FMLA and Short Term Disability eligibility – Knowing the policies of your workplace
  • What to consider as you go through the Double Transition – From Nurse to NP and from Not-Parent to Parent 
  • How my husband and I schedule our work lives around parenting time
  • The importance of self care and switching from work-to-parent mode
  • The power of the shared experience
  • Maintaining boundaries during parental leave (I struggled with this.)

✨ ✨ I’m also dropping a
hint at an NP only community vision I’ve been working on… So if you’d like to be involved as a Founding Member, be sure to stay until the end of the episode to get the details! ? 


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